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Bone carvings exhibited in Kazakhstan 14 сентября 2014, 19:11

A Kazakh master has shown his artworks, including original bone carvings.
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Photo courtesy of "Akmola Media Orgalygy" Photo courtesy of "Akmola Media Orgalygy"

Bektas Karimuly is a talent of many shades, who dedicated his life to teaching gifted children the basics of fine arts.

The painter from Akmola Oblast of Kazakhstan has shown his works to the world during the celebration of Family Day in his home town. The exhibition called "Ystyk Meken" (Hot Place) included a variety of works, containing articles from carved bone made in Kazakh traditional style, Tengrinews reports citing Akmola Media Ortalygy.

The event was held in Shortandy district. It also featured about 100 paintings by the master depicting his favorite landscapes, hunting scenes and village life. Karimuly also showed his miniature musical instruments made of wood - a kobyz (Kazakh string instrument resembling a violin), a harp and a winged dombyra.

Originally from Mongolia, the artist wanted his children to study in their historical homeland Kazakhstan, so he moved to Kazakhstan with his family in 2005. Ever since he has been living and working in Shortandy district.

Now his artworks are well known in the area and are becoming recognized in the country. Karimuly is currently employed as a graphic designer in Shortandy district House of Culture.

"I would like to make a contribution into preservation and development of national art for future generations by passing knowledge to the young," he said.

By Dinara Urazova

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