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Astana Opera to cooperate with globally-acknowledged theaters 29 октября 2013, 15:30

The State Theater of Opera and Ballet - Astana Opera - will cooperate with Opera Europe international opera association and world-famous theaters.
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Astana Opera theater Astana Opera theater
Astana Opera, the new opera and ballet theater in Kazakhstan's capital, is going to cooperate with Opera Europe international opera association and world-renowned theaters, Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of Astana Opera theater. On October 22 Astana Opera signed a memorandum of cooperation with Director of the Association Opera Europe Nicholas Payne and the representatives of eight world theaters: South African Opera, Shanghai Grand Theater of China, Singapore's Lyric Opera, Italian Teatro Comunale, French Academy, Sofia National Opera and Ballet of Bulgaria, Italy's Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna (ATER) and Tbilisi State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Georgia. Besides, Astana Opera signed a memorandum with Roman opera and a preliminary agreed with Covent Garden, the world leading opera theater. Astana Opera's cooperation with foreign partners is expected to promote development of mutual exchange of professionals, artists, performing troupes and information about the most important ballet, opera and orchestra events. "The readiness of the foreign theaters to cooperate is a great honor for us; it is like an open door into the world for us. The representatives of the largest theaters have acknowledged the capacities of our new theater and expressed a colossal interest to us," Astana Opera Director Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov said. According to Astana Opera's partners, the all-round cooperation will facilitate effective development, strengthening of friendly ties and culture exchange in ballet, opera and symphony arts, theater-staging activity and organization of soloists and troupes tours. Nicholas Payne, Director of Opera Europe (Great Britain), said that he intended to support Kazakhstan theater at the global arena. "With different theaters everything goes differently. Our organization includes 135 members; each of them has its own demands. I believe, in case of Astana Opera, the theater is looking to cooperate with other parts of Europe and we can assist it in that. Perhaps, it will involve joint stagings, visits of experts, or cases when director or other representatives of Astana Opera will attend one of our conferences and meet a lot of people from other opera houses," Payne said.

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