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Finland displacing Egypt as New Year tour destination for Kazakhstan Kazakhstan residents won't change their preferences when choosing New Year tours this year.
02 декабря 2011
Photo courtesy of Extinct steppe cheetah was found in Aral An extinct steppe cheetah has been seen in a desert near the Aral Sea.
05 октября 2011
Photo courtesy of Dmitriy Petrukhin First Kazakhstan around-the-world sea expedition resumed Chokan Valikhanov yacht took off from Antigua island in the Mexican Gulf to the Caribbean Sea.
07 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan citizens Yandex search UAE and China Yandex search engine defined the most popular travel destinations of its Kazakhstan users. The UAE and China are the most popular destinations.
18 июня 2011
Tirana, capital of Albania. ©RIA Novosti No visa required for Kazakhstan citizens in Albania Kazakhstan citizens will be able to enter Albania without visas and stay in the country for 90 days out of 6 months after the first entry.
16 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of More Kazakhstan students go to US for work after crisis Number of students traveling to the United States for work has increased by 20 percent.
23 мая 2011

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