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First Kazakhstan round-the-world trip completed 26 июля 2012, 13:50

The first round-the-world sea voyage in the history of Kazakhstan has been completed these days.
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"Chokan Valikhanov" yacht. Photo courtesy of lada.kz "Chokan Valikhanov" yacht. Photo courtesy of lada.kz
The first round-the-world voyage in the history of Kazakhstan has been completed this days. Chokan Valikhanov yacht docked in Bautino Caspian seaport on July 24, Aktau website Lada.kz reports. A red carpet welcome will take place tomorrow on July 27 at Samal quay in Aktau. Representatives of local authorities and other Kazakhstan yachtsmen will gather to welcome the sailors who made the round-the-world journey. Chokan Valikhanov yacht that was built specially for the voyage by French shipbuilders started its circumnavigation in autumn of 2007. Alexandr Lavrinov, captain of the yacht, said: “We managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean that season. But the project was frozen in September, 2011, because of financial difficulties. The project was resumed in September, 2011. We encountered many hardships during the trip. There were pirates and memorable meetings after we crossed the equator, warm official and unofficial receptions for the sea travelers under Kazakh flag.” The Central Asian Geographic Society arranged this circumnavigation. KAZENERGY Association, KazMunayGas (oil and gas company), MangistauMunaiGaz (oil and gas company), and Kazakhinstrakh (insurance company) provided financial and informational support to the trip. The expedition was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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