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Photo courtesy of A woman's face drives relationship length: study Men looking for a quick fling prefer women with more "feminine" facial features, said a study Friday that delved into the evolutionary determinants of the mating game.
21 июня 2013
©REUTERS British banking needs 'radical' overhaul: study Britain needs a "radical" overhaul of its scandal-hit banks, with reckless bankers facing jail and bonuses deferred for up to ten years.
20 июня 2013
©REUTERS US study links pollution to autism risk Pregnant women who were exposed to high levels of air pollution were twice as likely to have a child with autism as women who lived in low pollution areas.
18 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of Study blames men for menopause Men and their preference for younger female mates may have led to the phenomenon of menopause in women, according to a controversial study by Canadian researchers published this week.
16 июня 2013
©REUTERS Study reveals ancient fossil fish had abs Palaeontologists have made the surprising evolutionary discovery that ancient Australian fish may have had abdominal muscles, previously thought to have only developed in land animals.
15 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of HIV regimen prevents infection among drug users Giving injecting drug users a daily pill against HIV nearly halved their risk of infection by the AIDS virus.
13 июня 2013
©REUTERS More than 9m in China with dementia Around 9.19 million people in China had dementia in 2010, compared with 3.68 million 20 years earlier, according to a study on Friday that throws a spotlight on an emerging health crisis.
07 июня 2013
Chile observatory discovers 'comet factory' A "dust trap" surrounding a young star could help explain how planets are formed.
07 июня 2013
Hiring a smoker costs US firms $6,000 a head An employee who smokes costs his or her employer nearly $6,000 (4,500 euros) more per year than a non-smoker.
05 июня 2013
©REUTERS No benefit from double dose of Tamiflu for flu: study Tamiflu, the frontline treatment for influenza, offers no benefit for patients if it is administered in double the normal dose.
31 мая 2013
High doses of common pain drugs can cause heart attack: study High doses of some commonly used pain drugs like ibuprofen can increase heart attacks, strokes and related deaths by about a third.
31 мая 2013
©REUTERS Vaccine hopes for hand, foot, mouth disease Researchers in China said Wednesday a trial vaccine provided "significant" protection against a virus that can cause potentially deadly hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in children.
29 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Murad Sezer Think twice about surgery on the weekend: study People who undergo weekend non-emergency surgery in English public hospitals have an 82 percent higher chance of dying within a month than those treated on a Monday.
29 мая 2013
Women more at risk than men of smoking, drinking: study Women who smoke and drink heavily are at a higher risk of early death than men who do the same.
29 мая 2013
170,000 living in subdivided flats in Hong Kong: study More than 170,000 people in Hong Kong are living in cramped subdivided flats, a government-commissioned study has found, underlining the scale of the city's housing crisis.
28 мая 2013
The Moon. ©REUTERS Moon may harbour alien minerals: study Minerals found in craters on the Moon may be remnants of asteroids that slammed into it and not, as long believed, the satellite's innards exposed by such impacts.
27 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of US report urges action on 'unprecedented' IP theft A high-powered commission said Wednesday that intellectual property theft was costing the United States the equivalent of all its exports to Asia and urged a tougher approach to China.
24 мая 2013
Shrinking glaciers behind a third of sea-level rise: study Water from the world's shrinking glaciers was responsible for almost a third of the rise in sea levels between 2003 and 2009.
17 мая 2013
©REUTERS Gene clues for testicular cancer, heart defect Separate studies of the human genome have found tantalising clues to the inherited causes of testicular cancer and non-inherited causes of congenital heart disease.
13 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of Two teens take lives over unfinished homework: media Two teens in eastern China committed suicide after "failing to complete homework assignments" state-run media said on Friday, in an extreme case highlighting the immense pressure schoolchildren can face.
04 мая 2013

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