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Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky 700 samples of stem cells collected in Astana blood bank The Astana blood bank has collected around 700 samples of stem cells from umbilical blood and placenta.
23 марта 2014
Stem cells research in Kazakhstan: reality or dream? Why stem cell research is crucial?
19 февраля 2014
©REUTERS/Rebecca Cook Japan govt approves stem cell clinical trials Japan's government on Friday gave its seal of approval to the world's first clinical trials using stem cells harvested from a patient's own body.
20 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Karolinska University Hospital S. Korean toddler gets first windpipe transplant An international team of surgeons has successfully given a South Korean-Canadian toddler a life-saving windpipe transplant made from plastic fibers and some of her own stem cells.
02 мая 2013
Japan researchers close in on stem cell trial Researchers in Japan have moved one step closer to clinical trials using adult stem cells in a therapy they hope will prove a cure for common sight problems.
14 февраля 2013
Scientists 'print' 3D object with stem cells Scientists on Monday said that for the first time they had printed 3D objects using human embryonic stem cells, furthering the quest to fabricate transplantable organs.
05 февраля 2013
Kazakhstan genetics grow embryonic stem cells The technology includes extracting stem cells from an adult and returning them into the embryo form.
04 января 2013
Photo by Dauren Mukhamed© Kazakhstan doctors in search for stem cells donors Doctors of the National Medical Holding held a flashmob in Astana to bring more attention to donorship in Kazakhstan.
02 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of American militarymen will get treatment with stem cells in Astana Treatment of American patients in the Center is held as pat of the Achievement of Global Leadership project. First patients arrived in 2010.
10 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Aktobe doctors ready to transplant animal cells to humans Rabbits and pigs are the best "donors" in such cases.
03 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Patients from the Persian Gulf to come to Kazakhstan for treatment with stem cells Patients from the US, Arab countries and China have the most interest in treatment with stem cells in Kazakhstan.
28 мая 2011
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