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23.03.2014 13:19 Health
The Astana blood bank has collected around 700 samples of stem cells from umbilical blood and placenta.
19.02.2014 15:32 Health
Why stem cell research is crucial?
20.07.2013 10:49 Health
Japan's government on Friday gave its seal of approval to the world's first clinical trials using stem cells harvested from a patient's own body.
02.05.2013 18:51 Health
An international team of surgeons has successfully given a South Korean-Canadian toddler a life-saving windpipe transplant made from plastic fibers and some of her own stem cells.
14.02.2013 12:46 Health
Researchers in Japan have moved one step closer to clinical trials using adult stem cells in a therapy they hope will prove a cure for common sight problems.
05.02.2013 16:08 Science, Technologies
Scientists on Monday said that for the first time they had printed 3D objects using human embryonic stem cells, furthering the quest to fabricate transplantable organs.
04.01.2013 13:22 Science, Technologies
The technology includes extracting stem cells from an adult and returning them into the embryo form.
02.09.2012 15:23 Health
Doctors of the National Medical Holding held a flashmob in Astana to bring more attention to donorship in Kazakhstan.
10.08.2012 12:55 Health
Treatment of American patients in the Center is held as pat of the Achievement of Global Leadership project. First patients arrived in 2010.
03.07.2012 11:29 Health
Rabbits and pigs are the best "donors" in such cases.
28.05.2011 16:08 Kazakhstan
Patients from the US, Arab countries and China have the most interest in treatment with stem cells in Kazakhstan.