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Aktobe doctors ready to transplant animal cells to humans 03 июля 2012, 11:29

Rabbits and pigs are the best "donors" in such cases.
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Photo courtesy of wordpress.com Photo courtesy of wordpress.com
Aktobe doctors stated that they are ready to start transplanting animal cells to humans for treatment, Megapolis writes. Rabbits and pigs are the best "donors" in such cases. The doctors use the ability of foreign cells to activate certain body functions. "The animals produce biologically active substances similar the human ones. They enhance regeneration of our own stem cells," Boris Zassorin, professor of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology of West-Kazakhstan State Medical University, said. Animal material is injected subdermally or intramuscularly to create a certain cells depot in the body. These cells can help in treatment of cirrhosis, A and B hepatitis, spinal cord traumas, ICP and for rehabilitation of patients after strokes. "Of course, this is not a panacea. Everything depends on the patient's initial condition. But there were cases with good improvements," Zassorin said. Aktobe doctors were the first group of doctors in Kazakhstan to initiate regenerative treatment with the use of cell transplantation instead of organs transplantation. 10 years ago they started using fetal cells that can be obtained during abortions at late stages of pregnancy (16-20 weeks). However, this caused controversial reaction in the society and after a row over remains of dead infants discovered in a well next to a maternity home, these practice had to be suspended. Later, starting from 2006, the doctors started using 7-8 week embryos remaining from abortions. However, one embryo was not enough for received a therapeutic dose and that caused certain complications. That's why the doctors decided to work with the animals. Zassorin has undergone a special training in Moscow. However, according to the professor, funding is the main problem, as such initiatives are usually funded from the state budget. The scientist is currently looking for sponsors.

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