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Talgat Mussabayev. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakhstan now has enough funds to send its cosmonaut to the International Space Station There are two prospective cosmonauts, but they are facing lack of opportunities as Russia-made Soyuz rockets are now the only means of transporting cosmonauts of all countries to the ISS: Talgat Mussabayev, Head of the National Space Agency KazKosmos.
12 сентября 2011
Baikonur cosmodrome. Stock photo of $294.5 million to finance space exploration projects in 2012-2014 According to the Finance Ministry, a total of $563 million was to be earmarked for space exploration projects in 2011-2013.
28 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Express K Taldykorgan students became finalists of The Flight to the Future contest School students from Taldykorgan became finalists of the prestigious international contest of young space researchers called “Flight to Future”.
10 августа 2011
Snapshot from Apollo-18 Bekmambetov's Apollo-18 to hit screens in September A space thriller Apollo-18 will hit Russian screens on September 1.
09 августа 2011
Talgat Mussabayev. By Yaroslav Radlovsky © KazKosmos willing to send a Kazakh cosmonaut to the International Space Station According to Talgat Mussabayev, KazKosmos Head, the plan is hampered by the current lack of places aboard Soyuz spaceships.
28 июля 2011
Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of Massimov met with heads of space agencies of Russia and Kazakhstan Karim Massimov met with Head of Russian Federal Space Agency and Chairman of Kazakhstan National Space Agency.
19 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Investments into creation of KazSat-2 to be recouped in 4 years Consequently, in summer 2015 it will start filling the state coffers: Meirbek Moldabekov, Vice Chairman of the Kazakhstan Space Agency.
19 июля 2011
Karim Massimov. stock photo. Kazakhstan mulls joint space and nuclear projects with Russia: PM Massimov According to him, some joint projects have been outlined with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna and Kurchatov Institute Russian Research Center in Moscow.
13 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Upper-stage rocket for Express-AM4 satellite delivered to Baikonur Upper-stage rocket Briz-M was delivered to Baikonur. It is aimed for a launch of the Russian satellite Express-AM4.
08 июля 2011
Kazakhstan considering entry into Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization KazKosmos representatives met APSCO representatives to study opportunities which could be brought about following Kazakhstan’s accession into the Organization.
30 июня 2011
Deputy chairman of Kazakhstan Space Agency Meirbek Moldabekov Kazakhstan and Belarus can unite thier satellites Kazakhstan and Belarus might unite their remote Earth-sensing satellites and use their data jointly. Space technologies “are becoming a tool for solving economic tasks,” Moldabekov.
24 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 satellite launch delayed Additional protection is needed for one of the electric instruments of the satellite. This will entail an additional round of electric testing.
20 июня 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakh MP wants $1 billion in rent for Baikonur The minimum cost of Baikonur cosmodrome annual rent should be $1 billion: Amangeldy Momyshev.
17 июня 2011
©RIA Novosti KazSat-2 communications satellite to be sent to Baikonur May 30 It was to supplement the KazSat 1 satellite, but will now replace Kazsat 1 due to the complete loss of the first satellite.
29 мая 2011
Photo courtesy of Trips to craters in East Kazakhstan is popular with foreign tourists Trips to craters located close to Ust-Kamenogorsk are becoming popular with foreign tourists.
14 мая 2011
RIA Novosti© KazSat-2 confirmed to be in working condition Experts of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute confirmed that KasSat-2 satellite is in good working order.
13 мая 2011
Photo courtesy of Russia and Kazakhstan to sign a cooperation agreement to build and launch KazSat-2 KazSat-2 was to supplement the KazSat-1 satellite, but will now replace Kazsat-1 due to the complete loss of the first satellite.
12 мая 2011
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 launch put off till July 10 Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center has not sorted out some minor faults so far: Viktor Lefter, Head of the Kazakhstan’s Center for Space Communications.
05 мая 2011

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