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07.06.2015 13:25 Entertainment, Style
British boyband One Direction insisted they would not be splitting up despite the departure of band member Zayn Malik.
02.12.2014 09:40 Politics
South Korean President hit out at "groundless" rumours circling her administration, some of which have touched on her personal life.
04.08.2014 19:32 Finance
Pressure on Kazkommertsbank’s ATM machines has increased by 15% due to devaluation rumors.
01.08.2014 21:35 Politics
General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan warned about criminal responsibility for spreading rumors alleging national currency devaluation.
02.04.2014 08:05 Laws, Initiatives
The rumors of alleged bankruptcy of some Kazakhstan-based banks in the wake of the 20% currency devaluation undermined the country’s banking system: First Vice General Prosecutor.
21.01.2014 18:09 Cinema, Music
US rapper Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian have paid a private visit to Versailles outside Paris, but insist they are not eyeing the grandiose palace as a possible wedding site.
10.01.2014 15:37 Politics
French President Francois Hollande told AFP Friday he was considering legal action against Closer after the magazine said he was having an affair with an actress.
19.12.2013 16:16 Cinema, Music
A US-based Chinese news agency has apologized to award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi for claiming she slept with top Chinese officials for money and gifts, a publicist said Wednesday.
23.05.2013 23:45 Politics
Kazakhstan Finance Minister Bolat Zhamishev has refuted any possibility of termination of the People’s IPO in Kazakhstan.
02.03.2013 13:46 Politics
The Venezuelan government lashed out Friday at a wave of rumors about the fate of ailing President Hugo Chavez, branding it "psychological warfare" aimed at destabilizing the nation.
20.12.2012 12:34 Strange News
China has arrested more than 800 people in a crackdown on a Christian sect which spread doomsday rumours and challenged the ruling Communist party.
08.12.2012 12:25 Politics
The rumor mill over the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is again spinning wildly as cancer-related treatment forces the leftist anti-US firebrand to skip another international summit.
23.10.2012 14:39 Politics
Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has reappeared in public, meeting at a Havana hotel with a Venezuelan politician -- quashing swirling rumors that the former leader was on his death bed.