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21.12.2015 14:11 Auto
From London and Paris to New Delhi and Sao Paulo, traditional taxi drivers united worldwide against Uber in 2015, a year that saw riots, legal battles and even a kidnapping in protest against the startup.
16.06.2014 13:42 Religion
Sri Lanka's police extended a curfew across two popular coastal resorts Sunday to contain religious riots that left at least 41 people wounded and heightened tensions between Muslims and Buddhists.
19.05.2014 10:09 Unrest
Thousands of Chinese nationals are awaiting evacuation from riot-hit Vietnam, state-run media said Monday, as Hanoi moved to stifle fresh protests over a territorial dispute between the two countries.
17.05.2014 00:25 Unrest
Several hundred Filipino and Vietnamese protesters united in a march in the Philippine capital on Friday, demanding that China stop oil drilling in disputed South China Sea waters.
15.05.2014 13:50 Unrest
Anti-China riots at a steel plant in Vietnam left one Chinese worker dead and 100 injured, officials said Thursday, as unrest triggered by an escalating territorial dispute spreads across the communist country.
19.02.2014 14:26 Unrest
Riot police launched a fresh assault on protesters in central Kiev early Wednesday, escalating a bloody standoff that has already left at least 18 people dead in a dramatic turning point for Ukraine's three-month political crisis.
17.02.2014 19:40 Politics
Thai opposition demonstrators besieged the seat of government Monday in defiance of authorities who have vowed to reclaim the zone this week so Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra can return to work at her headquarters.
16.02.2014 02:43 Unrest
Initially around 50 people gathered in front of the Republic Palace in Almaty. As time went by the number was nearing 200 people.
23.01.2014 16:42 Politics
The press office of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior posed a video of the shocking warfare-like protest.
30.11.2013 20:11 Unrest
Dozens of protesters were reported wounded in Ukraine's capital early Saturday when police brutally dispersed demonstrators calling for President Viktor Yanukovych's ouster after he failed to salvage an EU deal.
17.10.2013 17:43 Unrest
One of the disabled walked to the second floor of the building and cast a bottle of Molotov cocktail in the corridor soaking the carpet of the floor with the kerosene from the bottle. After that he put a match to it and started a fire.
14.10.2013 15:05 Unrest
Moscow police arrested more than 380 people Sunday during a race riot in which nationalists outraged by a murder blamed on a migrant smashed shop windows and assaulted security guards.
01.09.2013 16:51 Unrest
Mayor of Almaty city Akhmetzhan Yessimov held the second emergency meeting of Almaty police chiefs over the incident near Prime Plaza.
01.09.2013 05:20 Unrest
Reports and opinion of those who witnessed the mob violence near the Prime Plaza in Almaty from various angles.
01.09.2013 03:41 Unrest
The police has detained 107 participants of the mob violence near Prime Plaza trade and entertainment center in Almaty.
01.09.2013 02:21 Unrest
At least 13 people have been injured in mass riots at the parking lot of Prime Plaza trade and entertainment center in Almaty Kazakhstan.
01.09.2013 01:44 Unrest
A disappointed mob is raging at Prime Plaza trade and entertainment center in Almaty at the crossing of Sain and Raymbek streets,
22.07.2013 14:05 Unrest
France's interior minister said Sunday security forces would remain in place "as long as necessary" after a second night of violence in the Paris suburbs sparked when police stopped a woman for wearing a veil.
21.07.2013 13:41 People
Buildings were razed as hundreds of asylum-seekers escaped detention during riots at an Australian refugee facility on Nauru.
05.07.2013 17:06 Unrest
Chinese authorities imposed tight control in the capital of Xinjiang, the fourth anniversary of ethnic rioting which killed around 200 people, said state media and exile groups.
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