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Deaths in China Xinjiang riot raised to 35: Xinhua The death toll in one of the worst riots in China's restive Xinjiang area has been raised to 35 from 27, state media said Friday, amid reports of tightened security ahead of a sensitive anniversary.
28 июня 2013
Brazilians back on the street against high travel fares Thousands of youths clashed with riot police across central Sao Paulo late Thursday in a fresh round of rowdy protests over higher mass transit fares.
14 июня 2013
Uneasy calm in Turkey's riot square after violence An uneasy calm returned to Istanbul's protest square early Wednesday after running clashes between riot police and protesters.
12 июня 2013
US unlocks $100,000 in aid as Myanmar riots spread The United States said Tuesday it was providing some $100,000 to help the victims of communal riots in Myanmar, as the violence crept closer to the main city of Yangon.
28 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of Zhanaozen town in Mangistau oblast will not be celebrating the Independence Day December 16 Last year Zhanaozen and Shetpe village in Mangistau oblast were a scene to riots resulting in 15 deaths, with more than 100 people badly injured.
11 декабря 2012
Fresh riots in Belfast despite Clinton's plea for calm Rioting broke out in Belfast late Friday in the latest flare of violence in Northern Ireland, just hours after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the troubled British province urging peace.
09 декабря 2012
Police clash with thousands of rioters in south China Police in a south China city bordering Vietnam clashed with thousands of rioters who were protesting excessive brutality meted out to a suspected smuggler.
08 декабря 2012
Egypt protesters tear-gassed as world concern mounts Anti-riot police fired tear gas on Saturday to disperse protesters camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square as Western governments voiced growing concern over Islamist President Mohamed Morsi's assumption of sweeping powers.
24 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Canada lawmakers pass masks ban The Canadian Parliament passed a ban Wednesday on masks at riots that punishes violations with up to 10 years behind bars in a bid to crack down on radical groups.
01 ноября 2012
Over 100 people hurt as Kuwait police battle protesters Around 100 protesters and 11 policemen were hurt on Sunday as Kuwaiti riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with tens of thousands of demonstrators.
23 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Japan insurers stop China riot coverage: report Big Japanese insurers have stopped covering firms against riots in China, a report said Friday, a move seen likely to hit investment there as the countries remain stuck in a festering territorial row.
05 октября 2012
Protest, scuffles with police in Iran over currency crisis Scuffles broke out in central Tehran in the first sign of unrest over Iran's plunging currency, which has lost more than half its value since last week in a crisis Washington said is of its own making.
04 октября 2012
Hearing of arguments started in court. © Yaroslavskaya Prosecutors and lawyers talk about "third power" in Zhanaozen clashes The participants of the trial on Zhanaozen clashes exchanged their opinions during the hearing of arguments on May 15.
17 мая 2012
Photo by  Maksim Popov© Police officers could have used batons for suppression of Zhanaozen clashes: Prosecutor The accusations were announced to policemen during the trial in specialized inter-regional criminal court in Aktau on Friday, April 27.
29 апреля 2012
Ozenmunaigas building. Photo by Maksim Popov© Ozenmunaigas estimated its damage from Zhanaozen clashes at $8 million Ozenmunaigas estimated its damage from Zhanaozen clashes at over 1.2 billion tenge ($8 million).
30 марта 2012
The Supremen Court. Photo by  Danial Okassov© 37 people stand trial on Zhanaozen clashes 37 accused, over 100 victims and 45 witnesses are taking part in the trial on Zhanaozen events.
28 марта 2012
Zhanaozen. stock photo Trial on Zhanaozen clashes scheduled for March 27 The trial on clashes in Zhanaozen and Shetpe village on December 16-17, 2011 is scheduled for March 27.
15 марта 2012
Zhanaozen. Photo by Renat Tashkinbayev© Zhanaozen police officers threatened for testimony against clashes participants Zhanaozen got flooded with leaflets with the threats to police officers who will give witness testimony at the coming trial over organizers of the December clashes.
14 марта 2012
Zhanaozen after clashes. Photo by Maksim Popov© 7 instigators of Zhanaozen clashes identified 7 organizers of Zhanaozen clashes have been identified and brought to liability.
23 февраля 2012
U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax. Photo by Maksim Popov© Fairfax confuted U.S. involvement in Zhanaozen events U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan confuted involvement of the U.S. in Zhanaozen events.
07 февраля 2012

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