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10.03.2015 13:29 Cinema, Music
A Kazakh-Spanish film about Soviet-era Spaniards held prisoners in a labor camp on the territory of present day Kazakhstan has won an award at the Jakarta Film Festival.
09.01.2015 12:41 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani-Spanish The Forgotten of Karaganda documentary film has been awarded at the California Film Awards as the Best Documentary,
01.01.2015 11:54 Crime
Five Guantanamo detainees have been released to Kazakhstan.
23.10.2014 12:47 Politics
An American held hostage for six months in North Korea arrived home after his surprise release.
16.10.2014 23:26 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Parliament’s lower chamber, the Majilis, has ratified the Agreement on Extradition of Convicts between Kazakhstan and Italy.
16.10.2014 14:54 People
Italian citizen Flavio Sidagni who was released on parole in August will stay in Kazakhstan.
29.09.2014 15:04 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan has recently introduced changes to the Criminal Code. In this regard, the state will allocate $13 million for electronic tagging devices for monitoring convicts.
25.06.2014 16:55 Unrest
Sixty-three Palestinian prisoners have suspended the hunger strike which they have observed in Israeli jails since late April, one of their lawyers said.
04.06.2014 12:17 Politics
The White House apologized for keeping lawmakers in the dark regarding the exchange of an American soldier for five Taliban fighters, senators said Tuesday, as controversy grew over the issue.
25.04.2014 16:58 Laws, Initiatives
The Ministry of Interior Affairs suggested introducing new regulations considering the appearance of convicts into the New Criminal Code.
23.04.2014 21:37 Crime
Amir Ismagulov, the father of Azamat Tazhayakov, a Kazakhstani student arrested in Boston, has finally received his visa after 45 days of waiting.
18.02.2014 17:20 Politics
Brainwashed from birth, under constant surveillance, cowed by the all-embracing state and facing the spectre of disappearing forever in its vast network of camps if they step out of line.
12.02.2014 16:44 Crime
Kazakhstan national Asel Abdygapparova convicted for life in prison in the US is awaiting retrial and possible reduction of jail sentence.
02.01.2014 18:18 Crime
Kazakhstan has the highest incarceration rate in Central Asia.
27.12.2013 17:20 Finance
President Barack Obama signed into law Thursday the compromise US budget bill recently negotiated by feuding lawmakers and a massive defense measure that takes a step toward ultimate closure of Guantanamo.
27.12.2013 09:57 Politics
Israel will announce plans for new settlement construction next week, coinciding with the release of a third batch of Palestinian prisoners as part of peace talks, an official said Thursday.
15.12.2013 17:09 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is considering setting up production of electronic monitoring ankle-bracelets in one of its prisons.
30.11.2013 12:28 Crime
Spanish courts are releasing serial rapists and killers under a European human rights ruling, terrifying their victims as authorities warn the convicts risk reoffending.
25.11.2013 14:51 Laws, Initiatives
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has ratified the treaty with China on transferring Kazakhstani convicts to Kazakhstan.
04.11.2013 18:00 Crime
Doctors and nurses tasked with monitoring the health of terror suspects were complicit in abuses committed at prisons run by the Pentagon and the CIA.
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