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14.03.2014 14:20 People
The late Princess Diana leaked a royal phone directory to the now defunct News of the World tabloid, its former royal editor told Britain's phone-hacking trial.
07.09.2013 10:04 Cinema, Music
Critics have savaged "Diana", a biopic of the late princess of Wales who died in a Paris car crash 16 years ago, just hours after its world premiere.
04.07.2013 14:06 People
As Prince William's wife Catherine prepares to give birth to a new heir to the throne, she faces renewed comparisons with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, whom she never met.
20.03.2013 16:50 Entertainment, Style
Ten dresses owned by Princess Diana, including the one worn when she danced with actor John Travolta at a White House dinner, sold for £862,800 at a London auction.
03.01.2013 11:00 People
A previously unseen press photo of an apparently teenaged Princess Diana that a London tabloid deemed too hot to publish is coming up for auction in the United States later this month.
01.09.2012 17:45 People
Dozens of bouquets of flowers, posters and cards were left at the gates of Kensington Palace on Friday as Princess Diana was remembered on the 15th anniversary of her death.
29.08.2012 14:59 People
Princess Diana's death 15 years ago this week made the British monarchy more attuned to their own image and changed forever the way the young royals behave to their subjects, royal watchers say.