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21.09.2015 16:08 Politics
Chairman of Kazakhstan's National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov: pension funds are secure against inflation.
13.08.2015 18:01 Laws, Initiatives
Vice Minister of Health and Social Development explains the new provision in the pension legislation concerning five percent employer contributions.
11.08.2015 20:10 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is moving forward with its new pension system. However, some are concerned it will mean lower revenues for the state budget and more money in the shadow economy.
06.08.2015 18:28 Politics
Kazakhstan is getting ready to implement a new pension system.
10.01.2015 23:49 Finance
Securities of 22 companies held by the Single Pension Fund of Kazakhstan now cost four times less then their nominal value.
06.09.2014 11:24 Crime
A man has been charged with the murder of a pensioner in north London following media reports that a woman was found beheaded in a back garden.
16.07.2014 01:26 Laws, Initiatives
The Concept of modernization of Kazakhstan’s pension system until 2030 has been approved.
03.07.2014 14:35 Politics
The new coil of the pension reform in Kazakhstan may create a spike in the shadow economy.
16.06.2014 13:50 Finance
Kazakhstanis had over $21 billion in pension savings as of June 1, 2014.
17.02.2014 12:36 Finance
Deputy Chairman of the JSC GNPF Accumulative Pension Fund Ruslan Erdenayev guaranteed the safety of the pension savings.
29.04.2013 17:38 Politics
The British government minister pushing through strongly criticised reforms of the welfare state urged rich pensioners on Sunday to give back any handouts they don't need.