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10.02.2014 18:57 Sport
Kazakhstan Olympic team's outfit has entered the list of the best outfits at the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
29.12.2013 15:53 Sport
Kazakhstan uniform for the Sochi Olympics has been unveiled. The full set of 25 items costs $2,300.
03.06.2013 17:51 Sport
Kazakhstan contest of designs of official and sport outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic team for the Sochi Olympics has been completed.
18.02.2013 16:48 Entertainment, Style
Vivienne Westwood urged Prince William's wife Catherine on Sunday to stop buying so many outfits and to be more environmentally responsible in the way she dressed.
17.12.2012 16:46 Companies
We have been waiting for rebranding of our air company’s staff for a long time: Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Azat Bekturov.
31.07.2012 20:55 Politics
Two incidents involving Kazakhstan symbols at London Olympics-2012 outrage the country's citizens.
24.07.2012 12:32 Sport
The team is complaining about lack of warm clothes in their gear.
18.07.2012 15:04 Sport
No other designers bid at the government-run tender to supply outfits for Kazakhstan's Olympics team besides High Fashion House Kuralai: authority.
16.07.2012 16:31 Sport
The formal outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team could have been cheaper: magazine.
15.07.2012 14:37 Sport
It's too late for London, but US Olympians in 2014 will be clad in Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms made in the United States.
14.07.2012 10:21 Sport
The US-China Olympic rivalry heated up in an unfashionable way Thursday when a top US lawmaker suggested burning the US team's outfits for the London opening ceremony because they were made in China.