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Kazakhstan Olympic uniform among the best, according to Kazakhstan Olympic team's outfit has entered the list of the best outfits at the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
10 февраля 2014
© Kazakhstan Olympic uniform costs $2,300 Kazakhstan uniform for the Sochi Olympics has been unveiled. The full set of 25 items costs $2,300.
29 декабря 2013
Sochi Olympics logo Olympic outfits selected in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan contest of designs of official and sport outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic team for the Sochi Olympics has been completed.
03 июня 2013
Vivienne Westwood urges Kate to buy less Vivienne Westwood urged Prince William's wife Catherine on Sunday to stop buying so many outfits and to be more environmentally responsible in the way she dressed.
18 февраля 2013
Airbus A321. Photo by Danial Okasov© Air Astana presented its own Airbus and new staff outfits We have been waiting for rebranding of our air company’s staff for a long time: Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Azat Bekturov.
17 декабря 2012
Kazakhstan features two holes at Olympics Two incidents involving Kazakhstan symbols at London Olympics-2012 outrage the country's citizens.
31 июля 2012
Olympics village in London. Photo courtesy of senior coach of Kazakhstan canoe slalom team Yekaterina Lukicheva Olympics: Kazakhstan sportsmen freezing in London The team is complaining about lack of warm clothes in their gear.
24 июля 2012
Kazakhstan Olympic team in official outfits. Photo by Danial Okassov© Nurkadilova was the only bidder to supply outfits for Kazakhstan Olympics team No other designers bid at the government-run tender to supply outfits for Kazakhstan's Olympics team besides High Fashion House Kuralai: authority.
18 июля 2012
Photo by Danial Okassov© Cost of outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team unveiled The formal outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team could have been cheaper: magazine.
16 июля 2012
Designer says future US uniforms to be made in USA It's too late for London, but US Olympians in 2014 will be clad in Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms made in the United States.
15 июля 2012
US lawmaker wants China-made Olympic outfits burned The US-China Olympic rivalry heated up in an unfashionable way Thursday when a top US lawmaker suggested burning the US team's outfits for the London opening ceremony because they were made in China.
14 июля 2012
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