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Cost of outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team unveiled 16 июля 2012, 16:31

The formal outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team could have been cheaper: magazine.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
The formal outfits of Kazakhstan Olympics team could have been cheaper, Megapolis writes. The uniforms for Kazakhstan Olympians cost 35.42 million tenge ($239 thousand) in total and each of the 220 costumes cost 161 thousand tenge ($1,095). Men’s outfit includes a jacket made of synthetic leather, a shirt, gabardine trousers, a tie, a baseball cap of artificial leather, a belt, canvas shoes with leather insets and socks. Women’s outfit includes a jacket and shoes of the same quality as the ones for men, a cotton dress, a visor, a chiffon scarf and netted gloves. The accessories that are the same for men and women include plastic glasses, a bad, a traveling case and a small panther Irbi toy. However, the magazine writes that much less money could have been spent on the sportmen’s outfits. The journalists compared the average market prices of similar sets and the cost of the Olympic outfits: a similar set of clothes could have been bought in an Internet-shop for 90 thousand tenge ($612). The Directorate of the Staff National Teams and Sports Reserves bought 259 sets of sportswear for the total of 71,982 million tenge ($490 thousand). This makes around 279 thousand tenge ($1,900) for each set that includes three types of sports outfits: one windproof and two for training, a polo shirt, a t-shirt, shorts, a cap, a towel, socks, slippers, sneakers, a backpack and a sport bag. It turned out that a similar set made by Nike and bought in one of the sport shops of Almaty would have cost 190 thousand tenge ($1,292). The outfits for Kazakhstan Olympic team were made by a famous Kazakhstan designer Kuralai Nurkadilova. However, the captain of the team Serik Sapiyev did not like the quality and the design of the clothes. Later Nurkadilova explained that Sapiyev received an set of a wrong size and his case was inadvertently confused. “The situation was corrected. We apologized to the sportsman and delivered the correct outfit,” the designer said and added that the sportsman liked his new clothes.

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