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18.11.2016 17:37 Health
A new technique could help nearly double the precious few hours surgeons have to carry out lung transplants.
26.10.2014 14:46 Health
Medical specialists discussed Kazakhstan’s readiness for cadaveric donation both in legal and medical terms at New Vision of Transplantology press conference.
09.10.2014 18:35 Health
For the firs time, a kidney transplantation has been conducted in Kyzylorda.
18.08.2014 20:28 Health
Over 2 thousand people require organ transplantation in Kazakhstan.
27.04.2014 13:45 Laws, Initiatives
Information on cadaveric donors in Kazakhstan will be confidential.
15.03.2014 14:16 Health
Creation of an electronic donor database is suggested as one of the major steps in developing deceased organ donation in Kazakhstan.
27.02.2014 13:59 People
36 Kazakhstani orphans were adopted by South African and Kenyan nationals.
27.01.2014 15:44 Health
Nazarbayev University (NU) will focuses on tissue engineering.
21.01.2014 20:04 Health
The public opinion in Kazakhstan has been changing towards becoming more positive about transplantations from deceased donors.
16.01.2014 17:48 Health
The Grand Mufti has spoken up for organ donation in Kazakhstan.
18.12.2013 10:56 Science, Technologies
Neuroscientists on Tuesday said they had used an inkjet printer to print cells from the eye, making a practical step in the quest to grow replenishment tissue for damaged or diseased organs.
12.08.2013 17:14 Health
Kazakhstan is experiencing a deficit of donor organs same as most countries around the world as well: Ministry.
12.07.2013 18:23 Health
Transplantation to four patients from one donor was made in Syzganov National Scientific Surgery Center in Almaty for the first time in Kazakhstan.
04.07.2013 10:42 Laws, Initiatives
Wales will become the first country in the United Kingdom to adopt an organ and tissue donation scheme based on presumed consent after assembly members voted in favour of a bill.
20.05.2013 19:17 Crime
Kosovo officials suspected of trafficking human organs from Kazakhstan
03.01.2012 19:30 Health
Half of respondents replied that they did not believe in a positive outcome of kidneys transplantation surgeries.
05.10.2011 16:30 Crime
The trial on charges of trafficking human organs started in Kosovo. Seven people are accused.
03.09.2011 13:39 Health
First surgeries on heart, liver and pancreas transplantation will be performed in Kazakhstan in November.
26.08.2011 14:45 Health
Based on the ethics and moral, we ask families of the murdered people to give their approval for transplantation, but if they decline to do so willingly, we can still make a transplantation surgery in case of an urgent need and compatibility of blood type and tissues of the recipient and donor: Doctor Ramazanov.
29.05.2011 15:59 Health
Three organs transplantation centers have to be built in Kazakhstan: Director of the National Scientific Medical Center.