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Trial over traffickers of Kazakhstani's organs started in Kosovo 05 октября 2011, 16:30

The trial on charges of trafficking human organs started in Kosovo. Seven people are accused.
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The trial on charges of trafficking human organs started in Kosovo, The New York Times reports. Seven people are accused. According to the investigation, Kazakhstan residents were among victims of the accused. The criminals lured the residents of Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Turkey and Kosovo and promised them $20 thousand for selling their organs. Prosecutors state that at least 30 illegal transplantation surgeries were held in the hospital in Pristina in 2008. The donors, however, did not receive the money for the organs. The traffickers sold the organs to customers for $110 and $137 thousand. The hearings are held in Pristina. The case is reviewed by judges from Poland, USA and Kosovo. The witnesses were to include two donors whose organs were sold by accused, but later they refused to support their statements. Meanwhile, earlier European Council’s commission released the report stating that some of the current authorities of the country were related to organs trafficking in Kosovo in 1990s. The EU mission in Kosovo created a special commission to investigate these charges.

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