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Half of Kazakhstan residents do not believe in efficiency of organs transplantation 03 января 2012, 19:30

Half of respondents replied that they did not believe in a positive outcome of kidneys transplantation surgeries.
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According to the poll on kidneys transplantation made by Umit Society of the Disabled, half of the respondents replied that they did not believe in a positive outcome of the organs transplantation surgeries, KazTAG reports citing an independent nephrologist Orynguly Narmanov. “Respondents explained their negative attitude to donorship with unawareness of the legislation (12 percent of respondents). 51.6 percent stated lack of trust in a positive outcome of the medical help and 9.6 percent referred to religious believes,” Narmanova said at the press-conference on December 27. She noted that the sociological survey covered 10 thousand people (38 percent men and 62 percent women). The respondents’ age was between 18 and 70. According to the poll, 38 percent of respondents in Kazakhstan expect organs and tissues transplantation to improve treatment of diseases, another 38 percent hope for decrease of mortality and 16 percent believe in development of science thanks to spread of transplantology. “Only 16 percent of respondents talked about financial interest in case of granting their organs for cadaveric donation. The main factors were moral factor and attitude to families, 43 and 37 percent respectively,” Narmanova said. According to the Healthcare Ministry, over 3 thousand people in Kazakhstan require kidney transplantation, 1,146 patients need new hearts, around 1,000 Kazakhstan citizens are waiting for liver transplantation, 233 patients are in need for donor pancreatic gland, 235 people need lungs and 314 patients are in need of both heart and lung transplantation. 75 percent of the waitlists for donor organs transplantation die while waiting for the surgeries. http://tengrinews.kz/kazakhstan_news/204676/

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