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Mauritanian leader set to win new term amid poll boycott Mauritanians on Saturday cast ballots in a presidential election that incumbent Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was expected to win handily as main opposition rivals boycotted the vote in the largely desert nation.
21 июня 2014
©Reuters/Edgar Su Hundreds of Mauritanians protest over desecration of Koran Hundreds of residents took to the streets in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott to protest in the early hours of Monday against the desecration of the Koran.
03 марта 2014
Lifestyle disorders top health issues in Arab world Heart disease and stroke have replaced infectious disease as the top causes of early death in the Arab world, tracking the West in a trend towards lifestyle disorders.
21 января 2014
Yuryi Sazanov, Arslan Sakhimov, Kanat Shagirov and Alexandr Moroz. © Kazakhstan racers complete Africa Eco Race 2014 Kazakhstan's racers have finished the Sonangol African Eco Race 2014 marathon rally race in Senegal.
13 января 2014
Pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Alexandr Moroz. © Racing: Kazakhstan's Shagirov and Moroz in 4th place overall at Africa Eco Race 2014 Kazakhstan racers Kanat Shagirov and Alexandr Moroz are in the 4th place in the general ranking after Stage 7 of the Africa Eco Race 2014.
08 января 2014
Pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Alexandr Moroz. © Shagirov and Moroz in 5th place after 5 stages of Africa Eco Race 2014 Kazakhstan's crew of pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Alexandr Moroz finished the 5th stage of Africa Eco Race 2014 in the 4th place.
06 января 2014
Mauritania ruling party wins absolute majority Mauritania's ruling UPR party has won a ruling majority in parliament after a second round of legislative elections.
23 декабря 2013
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