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Turkey considers compensating Kazakhstan for spoilt vacation 28 декабря 2013, 13:21

The Turkish government is ready to consider Kazakhstan’s claims against Turkish Qualitum Tour company.
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Photo a courtesy of wikimedia.org Photo a courtesy of wikimedia.org
The Turkish government is ready to consider Kazakhstan’s claim agaisnt Turkish Qualitum Tour company. This summer, hundreds of Kazakhstan tourists got stuck in Turkish airports and could not return home from their vacations due to the bankruptcy of Sky Airlines, Tengrinews reports. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan sent several aircrafts to bring the Kazakhstan nationals back home. The Kazakhstan Government spent around a million dollars on the “rescue” operation. “The Prosecutor General’s Office had made an inquiry to Turkey after the accident. The Turkish government has responded. The Ministry of Justice of Turkey has confirmed that receiving a compensation of the property damages is possible through the court,” Head of the Kazakhstan Travel Association (KTA) Rashida Shaikenova said. 800 travel agencies have suffered from the bankruptcies of the Turkish airlines and travel companies. The travel agencies are gathering documents that prove that money transfers were made to the Turkish travel companies. The losses are estimated at 10 million dollars. Insurance companies do not recognize the incident as insurance event and refuse to make the payments, said Ms. Shaikenova adding that she had had meetings with them. Assistant Prosecutor General of Almaty for International Cooperation Alexander Khen said that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan was preparing an inquiry to send to the Ministry of Justice of Turkey to collect damages caused to the Kazakhstani travel agencies. “We have to work out the issue by January 10. We need to gather all the documents and proofs to send it to the Prosecutor General’s Office. After that, a lawsuit will be lodged. In addition, the prosecuting authority of Almaty has initiated a criminal case against the branch of Turkish Qualitum Tour over large scale fraud,” said Mr. Khen. In regards to this unfortunate situation, Kazakhstan has decided to implement changes to the legislation, which would limit charter flights to Kazakhstani operators only. With these changes, foreign airlines will not be able to offer charter flights from Kazakhstan. This has caused a great deal of controversy and debate with some considering it a great chance for development of local airlines and others fearing it would interrupt vacations due to lack of local aircraft. The outcome of the changes is still unknown. The question is still fresh: will Kazakhstanis get their deserved summer vacation in 2014?

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