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Belgium gives ill children of any age the right to die Belgium has become the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of all ages, after a heated debate in which critics questioned a child's ability to make the decision to die.
14 февраля 2014
Tens of thousands march in Paris to back traditional family Tens of thousands of people marched in Paris and Lyon on Sunday against new laws easing abortion restrictions and legalising gay marriage, accusing French President Francois Hollande's government of "family phobia".
03 февраля 2014
Amnesty Brazil blasts Russian "homophobia" Brazil's branch of Amnesty International on Sunday held a rally in Rio to protest what it termed Russia's "homophobia".
03 февраля 2014
Pro-abortion rally in Madrid over planned curbs Pro-choice supporters were set to converge on Madrid's streets Saturday to voice their opposition to a government plan to restrict access to abortion.
01 февраля 2014
Venezuela activists petition for same-sex marriage Some 300 gay rights activists gathered -- holding hands, kissing and waving rainbow flags -- in front of Venezuela's parliament Friday to present a petition for same-sex marriage.
01 февраля 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan has no need for death penalty: criminal law expert I believe that life-long sentence is a severe enough punishment and the restrictions it imposes on a person are tough enough to view it as a real alternative to death penalty: Kazakhstan professor of criminal law.
29 января 2014
Bitcoin Foundation Vice Chairman Charlie Shrem exits the Manhattan Federal Courthouse in New York January 27, 2014. ©Reuters/Lucas Jackson Bitcoin dealers charged in US with money laundering US authorities Monday filed criminal charges against two operators of a Bitcoin exchange, including the head of a company with high-profile investment backers.
28 января 2014
©Reuters/Erik De Castro US nuns can opt out of contraception clause The US Supreme Court said Friday that religiously-affiliated groups could opt out of a provision in the new health care law that requires employers to provide insurance that includes contraception.
25 января 2014
Nigeria to hold presidential vote on February 14, 2015 Nigeria is to hold its next presidential election on February 14, 2015, the electoral agency said Friday, with incumbent head of state Goodluck Jonathan expected to seek a second term.
25 января 2014
Photo courtesy of When traditions violate human rights: bride kidnapping in Kazakhstan Members of the Lower Chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliament are considering toughening of the punishment for bride kidnapping in Kazakhstan.
24 января 2014
France's embattled Hollande to meet pope, woo angry Catholics Abortion and euthanasia will be among hot button issues on the table when Pope Francis meets embattled French President Francois Hollande.
24 января 2014
Erick Munoz, Marlise Munoz and their son. Photo courtesy of Brain-dead Texas woman's fetus 'abnormal,' lawyers say The fetus being carried by a pregnant American woman already declared brain dead is "distinctly abnormal".
23 января 2014
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott. ©Reuters/Dinuka Liyanawatte Australia asylum policy 'draconian': rights group Australia has damaged its human rights record by persistently undercutting refugee protections, including a "draconian" policy to send asylum-seekers to Pacific island camps.
23 января 2014
Same-sex couples sue Florida for right to wed Six same-sex couples filed suit against the US state of Florida Tuesday for refusing to let them marry.
22 января 2014
©Reuters/Will Burgess Australia to go ahead with shark 'kill' zones A controversial policy to catch and kill sharks off popular west coast beaches got the green light in Australia, in a move the Humane Society Tuesday termed a "complete disgrace".
22 января 2014
Smoking pot no more dangerous than drinking: Obama President Barack Obama says smoking pot is no more dangerous than drinking but calls it a "bad idea," amid a push for legalization in several states.
21 января 2014
Airport of Almaty city. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Foreign charter flights ban causes annual loss of $4.5 million to Almaty airport The Airport of Almaty is loosing $4.5 million annually because of the ban on foreign charter flights from Kazakhstan.
20 января 2014
©Reuters/Rick Wilking Uganda president blocks anti-gay bill: report Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has refused to approve a controversial bill that would see homosexuals jailed for life, saying there were better ways to cure the "abnormality", a report said Friday.
18 января 2014
Japan PM to attend Sochi Olympics: reports Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to attend the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, reports said Friday, despite calls for a boycott over Russia's anti-gay laws.
17 января 2014
Same-sex ban 'legalises' homophobic violence: gay Nigerians Gay activists on Tuesday vowed to fight the Nigerian government after the country outlawed same-sex unions, warning the act legitimised homophobic violence and increased fears of persecution.
15 января 2014

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