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Photo © RIA Novosti No alcohol sales after 9pm in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has banned alcohol sales between 9 p.m. and noon.
19 июня 2014
©Reuters/Yuya Shino Japan bans child porn possession Japan on Wednesday finally fell into line with other developed countries and made the possession of child pornography illegal.
18 июня 2014
US top court rules 'straw' gun purchases are illegal The US Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to buy a gun on behalf of someone else who did not go through the background check.
17 июня 2014
©REUTERS Circus performers flip over animal ban in Mexico City About 1,000 clowns, jugglers and animal trainers marched Tuesday against Mexico City's pending ban on circus animals.
11 июня 2014
Canada's Justice Minister Peter MacKay. ©Reuters/Chris Wattie Canada unveils new prostitution law Canada's attorney general unveiled a law Wednesday that makes it legal to sell sex to individuals but illegal to buy it, after the high court struck down an anti-prostitution law.
05 июня 2014
First Deputy Prosecutor General Johan Merkel. Photo  courtesy of Insiders dealings and securities market manipulations now punishable by law in Kazakhstan Insiders dealings and securities market manipulations will be punishable by law in Kazakhstan according to the First Deputy Prosecutor General Iogan Merkel.
03 июня 2014
Iogan Merkel, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan. ©Danial Okasov Embezzlers may avoid prison in Kazakhstan Citizens accused of embezzling state property will be able to avoid imprisonment in case they fully compensate for it.
03 июня 2014
Head of the Association of Enterpreneurs of Almaty Viktor Yambaev. © Yaroslav Radlov Legalization of capital in Kazakhstan - Cui bono? The upcoming legalization of capital in Kazakhstan will benefit primarily the state officials - this is the opinion of the head of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Almaty Viktor Yambayev.
28 мая 2014
Photo © OECD to examine corruption in Kazakhstan The OECD has arrived to Astana to monitor Kazakhstani legislation as a part of the Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan
28 мая 2014
Drugs case against Tunisia blogger dismissed A prominent Tunisian blogger who accused police of fabricating drugs charges against him walked free from court on Friday after a judge threw out the case.
25 мая 2014
©Reuters/Mark Makela Costa Rica to allow gay couples to share health benefits Costa Rica's social security administration has agreed to allow same-sex couples to share health and pension benefits, even though the conservative Central American country bans gay marriage.
24 мая 2014
©tengrinews Kazakhstan MP doubts upcoming legalization Omarkhan Oksikbayev, Member of the Lower Chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliamentб doubts success of the forthcoming legalization of property in Kazakhstan.
23 мая 2014
Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada. Photo courtesy of Bolivian ex-president can face rights trial in US A judge in the state of Florida has given a green light for a human rights abuses trial to move forward in the United States against Bolivian ex-president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.
22 мая 2014
Swiss vote to ban paedophiles from working with kids Switzerland on Sunday overwhelmingly voted for a harsher stance against convicted paedophiles by banning them from working with children for life.
19 мая 2014
©Reuters/Luke MacGregor Six Moroccans jailed for 'homosexuality': NGO A Moroccan court has jailed six men for up to three years on various charges including "homosexuality", a rights group told AFP.
16 мая 2014
Photo © Kazakhstan to start legalization of property and capitals in September The government of Kazakhstan has announced the date when it is going to start the legalization of property and capital.
16 мая 2014
Illustration ©tengrinews Kazakhstan bans anonymous bank accounts A new law that prohibits opening of anonymous bank accounts has been adopted in Kazakhstan.
16 мая 2014
Map showing the Amazonas watershed. Photo courtesy of Brazil's WWII 'rubber soldiers' win compensation Brazil's congress adopted a law Wednesday to compensate workers who say they were never paid properly after being recruited to Amazon rubber plantations to help the Allies during World War II.
15 мая 2014
Uruguay limits legal pot purchases to 10 grams per week Uruguay on Friday took a major step in setting rules for the government-regulated sale of marijuana, a daring experiment supported by the country's iconoclastic president.
04 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakh legislation to make cadaveric donors lists classified Information on cadaveric donors in Kazakhstan will be confidential.
27 апреля 2014

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