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Photo courtesy of Lal Jose Facebook page Across 27 countries in 75 days: adventures of Indian filmmaker Lal Jose and his friends will drive across two continents, crossing 27 countries, including Kazakhstan, and covering 24,000 kilometers in 75 days with a message of good will.
16 июля 2014
Illustration © UK to provide military equipment to Kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense will receive all terrain vehicles (ATV) and night vision equipment from the United Kingdom.
16 июля 2014
Medetbek Aitkulov, Director General of the National Power Grid of Kyrgyzstan JSC. © Kyrgyzstan to rely on Kazakhstan’s power supply for another year Up to now the country’s northern regions have depended on power supplied from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 2015 Kyrgyzstan plans to compete construction of the Datka-Kemin power supply line to link the South and the North of the country.
15 июля 2014
©Turar Kazangapov Kyrgyzstan blames Kazakhstan for fuel shortages Kyrgyzstan has a shortage of fuel resulting from around 1000 wagons being stuck at Kazakhstan's border.
11 июля 2014
Photo © RIA Echo of Asia circus festival in Astana International Circus Festival Echo of Asia was taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan from 1 to 8 July.
09 июля 2014
Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo © RIA Novosti. Kazakhstan to host joint military equipment enterprises Kazakhstan is ready to partake in collaborative defense companies to manufacture weapon and military equipment in the country.
06 июля 2014
The Spirit of Tengri The Spirit of Tengri opens this Saturday June 7 This Saturday on June 7th at 5 pm, The Spirit of Tengri opens its second festival with 13 ethno music bands and renowned artists in Almaty.
06 июня 2014
Photo © RIA Novosty Italian drug mule caught in Karaganda leaking heroin Italian Kyrgyz drug mule has been caught in Karaganda hallucinating from the heroin leaking in his stomach.
09 апреля 2014
Photo ©REUTERS Kazakhstan can manage without Kyrgyz electricity Experts believe that Kyrgyzstan’s plans to cut export of electricity to Kazakhstan in 2014 would not cause a deficit in the country.
04 апреля 2014
 Acting Minitser of Energy and Industry Osmonbek Artykbayev.Photo© Kyrgyzstan cuts electricity supply to Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan announced that they will not export electricity to Kazakhstan in 2014 due to the shortage of water in the largest water reservoir of the country Toktogul.
04 апреля 2014
Asol Bilyalova's award-winning illustrations Kazakhstan artist wins literary festival in UK Asol Bilyalova from Kazakhstan has won in the Artistic Illustration category at the Literature Festival 2013 in London and Cambridge.
09 января 2014
Photo a courtesy of Central Asia not ready for integration Kazakhstan Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerlan Idrisov believes it premature to discuss integration in Central Asia and more appropriate to think of it as cooperation.
07 ноября 2013
Screenshot from Google maps International organizations compromise Central Asian integration According to Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Kazakhstan Marat Shaikhutdinov, external players are more concerned with the integration of Central Asia than the region itself is.
05 ноября 2013
©Vladimir Prokopenko Culinary competition's Grand Prix goes to Kyrgyz chefs The Grand Prix at the culinary competition in Almaty has gone to a team from Kyrgyzstan.
02 ноября 2013
Prime-Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zhantoro Satybaldiyev. © Kazakhstan interested in construction of Kambar-Ata hydro power station in Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan has expressed interest in participation in construction of Kambar-Ata Hydro Power Station No.1 in Kyrgyzstan.
01 октября 2013
Issyk-Kul lake. © Tourist Association recommends Kazakhstan residents to stay away from Issyk-Kul because of plague outbreak Kazakhstan residents are not recommended to visit Issyk-Kul lake resorts in Kyrgyzstan because of the bubonic plague outbreak.
06 сентября 2013
Talks about Manas base relocation premature: US embassy in Kazakhstan The U.S. consider it premature to discuss relocation of Manas air base from Kyrgyzstan to some other Central Asian country.
28 августа 2013
©RIA Novosti 113 thousand people vaccinated against plague in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry has reported on the advance measures taken to protect Kazakhstan people from bubonic plague.
27 августа 2013
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry denies discussing relocation of Manas air base Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry dismissed the rumors of alleged relocation of the American military air base Manas from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.
27 августа 2013
US may relocate air base from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan The US military command may relocate Manas military air base from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.
26 августа 2013

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