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Culinary competition's Grand Prix goes to Kyrgyz chefs 02 ноября 2013, 19:58

The Grand Prix at the culinary competition in Almaty has gone to a team from Kyrgyzstan.
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©Vladimir Prokopenko ©Vladimir Prokopenko
The Grand Prix at culinary competition that took place in Almaty has gone to a team from Kyrgyzstan, Tengrinews reports. The Grand-Prix competition was held on the last day of the competition on October 31. Each team was represented by three members. The jury decided to award the Grand-Prix to a team of chefs from Kyrgyzstan. The rule of the competition is that the participants do known know which ingredients they will have to work with until the very beginning of the contest. After they open the "black box" they have 110 minutes to come up with a menu and cook it. None of the competing cookery experts knew what they were going to cook. The chefs were left guessing about the ingredients until the very start of the competition. One hour and a half after the 'black box' of ingredients was opened they prepared a fish Carpaccio as an appetizer, carré d'agneau for the main course and a chocolate mousse dessert. The Best Chef of the Year solo competition for chefs from Kazakhstan only took place on the last day of the event as well. The title was given to Khalmurat Nurdinov from Almaty. Mr. Nurdinov won the hearts of the jury with his fried horse meat in a marinade of his own recipe with a side dish of bean starch with ginger sauce. Mr. Nurdinov have been working as a chef for 23 years and it's not his first culinary competition. Previously, he won prizes at competitions in Turkey and Moldova. “I want to present our national cuisine in a European manner, to add a certain European touch. (…) I advise the young chefs to be more daring and try new things. They should know that our profession is in demand and well paying," said Mr. Nurdinov. President of the Association of Chefs of Kazakhstan Alexander Tregubenko noted that the culinary competition in Almaty was a success, with all the praise it got from the ranking guests. “The next year, we will show an even higher level of organization with more guests from different countries. We want chefs around the world to find out about us and put Kazakhstan on their culinary maps,” he shared. Meanwhile, Mr. Tregubenko admitted that although the contest's jury tried over a hundred dishes, not a single one of the dishes surprised them. “There were several interesting dishes, but nothing that would smitten us at once. This will be a goal for our chefs to achieve in future. I told them, that they cook delicious and beautiful dishes but this is not an international competition level yet," said Tregubenko. According to the President of the Association the next culinary competition may take place in Astana. The culinary competition was held in Almaty on October 28-31. More than 100 chefs from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Russia participated in the event. The festival was called to make cooking as a profession more attractive and provide an opportunity for the world famous chefs to share their experience with their younger colleagues. The jury consisted of the Vice President of the World Association of Culinary and the presidents of the Culinary Association from Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Russia and Turkey. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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