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16.11.2016 17:01 Science, Technologies
Nintendo shares surged more than five percent after the game giant said it would release a Super Mario app for iPhones next month.
29.08.2016 16:12 Science, Technologies
The discovery of sophisticated spyware to infiltrate and remotely take control of iPhones put a spotlight on Israel's surveillance industry.
05.01.2016 20:10 Internet
Global app usage soared in 2015 as a growing base of smartphone users found new ways to use their devices.
26.09.2015 12:05 Companies
A labour rights group marked the launch of Apple's latest iPhone with a report accusing one of the smartphone giant's Chinese suppliers of exploiting factory workers.
11.09.2015 15:23 Science, Technologies
The new Apple TV unveiled this week has the potential to do for television what iPhone did to mobile phones, while claiming a starring role in home entertainment.
09.09.2015 14:42 Science, Technologies
The tech world will have its eyes on Apple, expecting new versions of the company's coveted iPhone but hoping for magic in the form of unexpected innovation.
07.11.2014 12:40 Gadgets
A newly discovered family of malware has the capacity to infect iPhones via Apple computers.
30.10.2014 13:54 Markets
Apple is in preliminary talks to sell the iPhone in Iran, if sanctions are eased on the Middle East nation.
17.10.2014 15:28 Markets
Apple began selling its latest iPhone in China Friday, nearly a month after other major territories due to a licence delay by regulators.
29.09.2014 13:19 Gadgets
Turkish President rushed off the frenzy surrounding Apple's new iPhone 6, saying it was much the same as its iPhone 5 predecessor.
25.09.2014 11:57 Gadgets
Apple released and then abruptly pulled back an update for the iOS software powering the iPhone.
20.09.2014 11:42 Gadgets
Apple chief Tim Cook personally kicked off sales of the iPhone 6.
13.09.2014 11:20 Gadgets
Apple's website was swamped in what appeared to be a record-setting buying binge fueled by smartphone buyers' desire for large-screen iPhones.
10.09.2014 15:56 Gadgets
Apple moved to recapture its role as a dazzling tech trend-setter with its first smartwatch and two large-screen versions of the iPhone.
28.08.2014 12:13 Gadgets
Apple will unveil an "iWatch" in September with the maker of the iPhone finally embarking on its much-rumored foray into wearable computing.
22.08.2014 22:55 Companies
CAVIAR iPhone brand has designed an exclusive iPhone line specially for Kazakhstan.
20.08.2014 13:29 Gadgets
Freshly split Apple shares closed at a high, with investors evidently betting the California company will debut popular new gadgets.
12.07.2014 14:40 Gadgets
Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has accused US technology giant Apple of threatening national security through its iPhone's ability to track and time-stamp a user's location.
09.07.2014 19:51 Companies
US technology giant Apple has lost a lawsuit against a Chinese state regulator over patent rights to voice recognition software such as the iPhone's "Siri", a Beijing court said.
03.06.2014 11:59 Companies
Apple on Monday unveiled new operating software it hopes will create a seamless experience for users flitting between its coveted mobile devices and popular Macintosh computers.
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