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11.05.2016 19:46 Laws, Initiatives
A Significant Safety Concern (SSC) in Kazakhstan has been finally resolved through joint efforts in early May. This leaves no crucial concerns indicated by ICAO for Kazakhstan unresolved.
11.03.2016 14:00 Politics
British leader David Cameron got "distracted" and French President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to promote his country during the 2011 military intervention in Libya, US President Barack Obama said.
03.03.2016 17:37 Companies
Emirates Airline, which was to launch what it called the world's longest non-stop flight this month, postponed those plans for a year.
29.12.2015 21:30 Emergencies
Warm weather and rains have given way to winds and blizzards in Astana.
15.10.2015 22:03 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev awarded Aidyn Aimbetov, the third Kazakh cosmonaut, Khalyk Kakharmany (People’s Hero) title.
28.09.2015 19:22 Markets
Kazakhstan's compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards has risen from 47 to 65 percent.
07.09.2015 18:00 Science, Technologies
Less then 10% of airlines have introduced full-time flight tracking recommended by IATA. Why is the simple process taking so long?
04.09.2015 19:49 Science, Technologies
Space flight of Kazakhstan’s astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov to the International Space Station is a milestone event for Kazakhstan.
24.08.2015 21:24 Companies
Following suit of the Kazakhstan national airline Air Astana, another Kazakh airline SCAT has announced a ticket price rise.
24.08.2015 20:56 Fun Stuff
Canadian WestJet flight attendant acts out safety demonstration
10.08.2015 14:21 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan’s astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov will conduct a number of studies during his 10 day space flight on board the Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft.
06.08.2015 19:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Astana airport will not be receiving or releasing any flights from 10:00 pm to 03:00 am from August 19 to 25.
30.07.2015 18:49 Science, Technologies
Kazakh cosmonaut Aydin Aimbetov has been going through a pre-flight preparation in Russian Star City for two months already.
09.07.2015 15:13 Companies
A new low-cost airline Qazaq Air has been presented in Kazakhstan's Astana.
14.05.2015 09:18 Politics
Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia plan to launch a direct flight.
30.12.2014 17:39 Companies
Poor weather conditions and delays of arrivals force Astana and Almaty airports to reschedule flights.
24.12.2014 17:57 Emergencies
Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan has delayed 49 flights because of the weather.
19.12.2014 16:10 Politics
Kazakhstan’s national flag carrier Air Astana has launched a direct flight between Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana and Thailand’s capital Bangkok.
13.09.2014 14:14 Unrest
After almost two months of deadly combat between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian guerrillas, the Soviet-era airport has been literally wiped off the map.
19.07.2014 00:44 Emergencies
A family of 6 Malaysians coming from Kazakhstan died in the MH17 flight crush.
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