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Canadian WestJet flight attendant acts out safety demonstration 24 августа 2015, 20:56

Canadian WestJet flight attendant acts out safety demonstration
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Still frame from the video Still frame from the video

Pre-flight safety demonstration have never been so funny. Passengers on Canadian WestJet flight from Las Vegas to Regina, who are used to routine safety demonstration, were surprised to see steward Mike McAdam acting out safety demonstration in a hilarious way. 

A video capturing him was posted on Facebook by Saskatchewan-based TM'z Veterinary Clinic. The video has since been viewed nearly 8.5 million times.

"We had the best in flight crew on West Jet," the clinic wrote in Facebook, "Laughed so hard... Enjoy, we certainly did!"

Here is a version of this video from YouTube:

Mike McAdam is not the only WestJet flight attendant that loves expressing himself at work and leaves all the passengers in a good mood for the rest of the flight. Just five months ago, Caralee Savage, another WestJet steward, danced to a hit song Uptown Funk performed by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, while waiting for other passengers to board. 

The video of her then also went viral with now having more than 8.6 million views.

By Assel Satubaldina 

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