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Hazardous virus causes extermination of elite cows in north Kazakhstan 11 февраля 2013, 20:37

An epidemiological team has arrived in Akky region of North-Kazakhstan oblast with all the required equipment for extermination of cattle.
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Yakov Leonov. ©Tengrinews.kz Yakov Leonov. ©Tengrinews.kz
An epidemiological team arrived in Akky region of North-Kazakhstan oblast with all the required equipment for extermination of cattle, Tengrinews.kz reports. The experts will exterminate over 700 elite Simmental cows purchased from Austria 6 months ago. 200 1-month old calves born on Kazakhstan land will be killed as well. Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry states that the reason for the extermination lays in the killer virus known as Schmallenberg virus and virus diarrhea imported with the cattle. The information that Kazakhstan purchased death-sick cattle has been officially refuted by Austrian party today. Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry and managers of the two farms were the cattle is to be exterminated have also received the letters containing the refutations and recommendations to stop the extermination until all the details of the case are cleared up. Yakov Leonov, manager of the farm who bought 300 of the Simmental cows on leasing terms said that he had 90 newborn calves and there was no mortality over the past six months. “If the cows had Schmallenberg, my whole run would have died and I wouldn’t have had the calves because the cows would have carried them. They are growing and gaining weight. My adult cows currently weigh up to 600kg. The cattle are excellent. Their purchase was a good deal and they were worth paying 3,200 Euro per head. We spent so much money on the farm, fodder, salaries. All this will not be reimbursed by the state, as these exotic viruses are not included into the list of viruses that farmers get compensated for. We are on the brink of ruin,” Leonov complained. “The whole village wanted to make a human chain around the farm today,” head of the second farm Poltavskoye Yeltai Zikirin said. “Old people wanted to fence out the farm with their trucks. I think that’s not the way to go. We are broke.” Chairman of Kazakhstan Veterinary Control Commission Nigmat Zhakupayev met with the farmers and confirmed their worries: “Cattle will be exterminated in the nearest time. If this is not done, the epidemic will do a lot of harm cattle not only in the region but in Kazakhstan in general. 27 European countries are already closed for us because of virus diarrhea, can you believe this? They are closed because of Schmallenberg virus as well. Nobody knows how to treat it and its effect on humans has not been studied yet. This is very dangerous.” The animals will be exterminated by ammonia injection in the lungs. The cow corpses will be burnt and buried in the cattle mortuary.
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