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Eastern Kazakhstan to see massive dairy farming development


Photo courtesy of pm.kz Photo courtesy of pm.kz

Cities and regions of East Kazakhstan Oblast are going to see a large scale development of dairy farming, Tengrinews reports citing BNews.kz.

Cities and regions of East Kazakhstan Oblast are going to see a large scale development of dairy farming, Tengrinews reports citing BNews.kz.

The region has selected 43 companies that are already operating in this niche. The project spearheaded by Akim (mayor) of the Oblast Daniyal Akhmetov will be funded through government industry development projects.

One of these companies is Ornek LLP with its project of reconstruction of a commercial dairy farm to bring the cattle population from 400 to 600 cows. General manager of the enterprise Yerzhan Koigeldin has ample experience in dairy farming. According to him a coordinated effort of all the region's services - guidance, consultative and organisational assistance - is needed for the farm to solve all the existing problems existing in the niche fast. 

Akim of Kokpekty District Duysengazy Musin said that a strategy was required for develop diary farming. "Diary farming heavily depends of technological progress. We need to set up the technical part of of the project correctly first. And the future prospects of diary farming are determined by continued improvement of technologies and methods of feeding, milking and management of the cattle," he said.

"Nowadays dairy farming requires full mechanization and automation. Only in this case the development of the industry will be continues. The current scale of production required targeted regulation of agricultural policies and fast decision making for dairy farming to be effecient," Musin said.

Ornek LLP already has an action plan for its project that incorporates effective organization and management, advanced technological chain from production to sales of the products, innovative technologies and management systems. All this is expected to make the enterprise innovation-driven and make the diary farming effort competitive and efficient.

Yerzhan Koigeldin said that the profitability of cattle breeding is closely linked to production of milk. "The territory, the region's climate is very good for cattle breeding. But we should focus on diary farming, because without milk production cattle breeding will not be feasible here," he said. Milk is responsible for 60-70% of cattle farmers profits, he said. 

“Milk is very expensive in Kazakhstan, and so are dairy products, even despite the fact that Kazakhstan's natural conditions and climate are very good for animal husbandry. It is important that latest technologies are introduced in dairy production. Selection and breeding should also be grounded on a scientific basis," Koygeldin said.

Writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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