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23.08.2016 16:56 Health
An explosion at a chemical fertiliser factory left at least 200 people needing medical treatment after toxic gas spread.
25.07.2016 14:51 Unrest
A Syrian migrant set off an explosive device near a music festival in southern Germany that killed himself and wounded a dozen others.
15.03.2016 17:26 Unrest
A car bomb killed a driver travelling down a street in central Berlin on Tuesday; investigators suspected that it was a case of homicide.
25.01.2016 16:53 Emergencies
A man has been killed in an explosion of a petrol truck in Atyrau in Kazakhstan's west.
25.12.2015 15:43 Emergencies
A huge explosion at an industrial gas plant in southeastern Nigeria razed nearby buildings and killed several people on Christmas Eve.
20.10.2015 12:31 Disasters
At least 11 people were killed and many more wounded when a powerful bomb ripped through a passenger bus in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province.
10.10.2015 16:51 Unrest
At least 30 people were killed in twin explosions in Turkey's capital Ankara, targeting activists gathering for a peace rally organised by leftist and pro-Kurdish opposition groups.
01.09.2015 10:46 Disasters
At least five people died and another six were injured on Monday in an explosion at a fireworks factory in northeastern Spain.
19.08.2015 16:57 Finance
The economic impact of the Tianjin explosions could reverberate for months.
17.08.2015 16:04 Disasters
Chinese state-run media lambasted officials in the port city of Tianjin for a lack of transparency over the massive explosions at an industrial site.
15.08.2015 14:11 Disasters
The number of people killed in giant explosions in the Chinese port of Tianjin has risen to 85.
14.08.2015 11:30 Emergencies
A Chinese military team of nuclear and chemical experts began work Thursday at the site of two massive explosions in the city of Tianjin.
13.08.2015 13:46 Disasters
Enormous explosions in a major Chinese port city killed at least 44 people and injured more than 500, leaving a devastated industrial landscape of incinerated cars, toppled shipping containers and burnt-out buildings.
01.05.2015 02:04 Emergencies
One of Almaty’s largest shopping malls Adem has been destroyed in fire.
10.02.2015 15:11 Emergencies
A car has exploded in front of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.
02.02.2015 20:32 Emergencies
An explosion on a gas pipeline in West Kazakhstan Oblast has occured early this morning.
11.01.2015 15:26 Military
Kazakh political expert Yerlan Karin has presented his new book where he summed up his study of the terrorist organisation known Soldiers of the Caliphate.
01.12.2014 16:54 Emergencies
Seven people have died and another 8 were injured in a gas explosion accident near Taldykorgan in Kazakhstan's south.
24.11.2014 15:43 Emergencies
The police in Almaty have arrested the teacher, whose student in military training class was killed by a grenade explosion. However, many believe he is not the one to blame. Including one of the injured students.
17.11.2014 17:37 Emergencies
A grenade explosion has rocked the College of Fashion and Design in Almaty this morning killing a female student and injuring twelve others.
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