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22.07.2011 14:23 Disasters
3.7-magnitude earthquake hit Almaty at night of July 22.
21.07.2011 18:59 Politics
Kazakhstan Presidnet Nursultan Nazarbayev had a telephone conversation with President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.
20.06.2011 12:11 Kazakhstan
The quake was registered at 10:40 a.m. Astana time. Its epicenter was at the depth of 1 km.
14.06.2011 18:45 Kazakhstan
Central Asian countries are considered to be a high seismic risk zone and 6-7 magnitude quakes are possible in the area in the coming years.
03.06.2011 10:43 Kazakhstan
A 4.8-magnitude earthquake shook the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan late at night.
25.05.2011 11:28 Disasters
4.1-magnitude earthquake hit Kazakhstan at 7.14 a.m. on May 25.
24.05.2011 23:12 Kazakhstan
Following the recent flooding in Uralsk and a raft of earthquakes in Almaty, insurance companies have been receiving suggestions on new insurance packages from citizens.
24.05.2011 10:17 Kazakhstan
6 billion tenge to be allocated for seismic reinforcement of education facilities: Bakytzhan Zhumagulov.
16.05.2011 16:03 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Insurance Companies Association propose to start charging a compulsory insurance fees against possible future catastrophes from Kazakhstan citizens.
15.05.2011 13:00 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested to transfer the Seismology Institute to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
11.05.2011 18:48 Kazakhstan
A representative of Red Croscent Society advised Almaty residents to pack up disaster preparedness kits on their own.
09.05.2011 14:28 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Minister of Education and Science promised to deal with those responsible for late notification about the 5.4 quake in Almaty oblast on May 1.
08.05.2011 11:39 Kazakhstan
Ostrovskiy School in Malovodnoye village was damaged by the 5.4 earthquake that hit Almaty oblast on May 1.
07.05.2011 14:11 Disasters
Almaty entrepreneurs will start selling first aid backpacks which may save lives in case of a strong earthquake.
06.05.2011 18:47 Kazakhstan
Ministers of Emergency Situations and Communications talked about new projects in earthquake preparedness.
05.05.2011 14:56 Kazakhstan
A seismologist commented on the nature of the 5.4 earthquake near Almaty on May 1 and tagged it off-standard.
05.05.2011 11:03 Kazakhstan
Another 2-magnitude earthquake registered in Almaty oblast on May 4.
04.05.2011 11:35 Kazakhstan
Two more quakes hit Almaty region on May 3 and 4.
03.05.2011 16:02 Kazakhstan
Experts of European-Mediterranean Seismological Center made a map of earth shocks registered in Almaty area.
02.05.2011 12:42 Kazakhstan
Director of Kazakh Institute of Seismology said that seismic activity is fading and there is no threat of a destructive earthquake.
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