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Alimentary Fund to be established in Kazakhstan 06 мая 2011, 11:33

The Alimentary Funds for single mothers is going to be established in Kazakhstan: a state fund and a community fund.
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Alimentary Fund is going to be established in Kazakhstan. The Fund will be supposed to financially support single mothers who are not supported by their former husbands, Express-K reports, citing the press office of East Kazakhstan Department for Execution of Judicial Acts. Georgy Kim, head of the Ministry of Justice Committee for Execution of Judicial Acts said that as a possibility there may be eventually two funds – a state fund and a private fund. “About 130-140 thousand alimony-related cases are sent for enforcement of court judgments. And the outcome of the enforcement is not always successful for the single-mothers. One of the solutions to this problem is to establish the Alimentary Fund. We have decided to take two paths. The issue of creation of the State Fund is being considered at prime-minister's level now. And we have also created a community fund that is not connected to the state budget, but will be replenished through donations,” the official said. The alimentary funds are expected to start functioning in the near future. Meanwhile the Ministry of Justice is going to prohibit Kazakhstan citizens who have tax or alimony arrears from exiting the country. “I am warning all the debtors and alimony payers to repay their debts as soon as possible. Otherwise they might find themselves unable to travel abroad starting from this summer,” Amirkhan Amanbayev, the vice-minister of Justice said.

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