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Photo courtesy of Shaking 'swarm' fuels California's quake jitters A "quake swarm" that has shaken southern California with hundreds of moderate temblors in quick succession is fueling jitters in the Golden State, long braced for the Big One.
28 августа 2012
Philippine flood deaths climb to 60 Weary farmers in the Philippines' farming heartland struggled amid their worst floods in decades on Friday, as the death toll from torrential rains that also pounded the capital rose to 60.
11 августа 2012
Beijing floods caused 'significant losses': official Weekend floods in Beijing caused "significant losses" and casualty numbers are still being tallied, the head of the worst-hit district has said, as residents of China's capital question the official toll.
25 июля 2012
Snapshot of KTK video Multi-story building for state workers falling apart in Almaty Residents of the multi-story building are afraid to live in their apartments. The building was constructed under the state program for state employees.
02 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of VIDEO: Three new buildings cracked in Atyrau oblast The hospital of Makat village of Atyrau oblast built in 2011 looks like it has been bombarded.
18 мая 2012
Damaged building of BTA Bank in Zhanaozen. Photo by Maksim Popov© BTA Bank estimates its damage from Zhanaozen clashes at 56 million tenge BTA Bank has calculated its losses from December clashes in Zhanaozen.
30 марта 2012
Repair works. Photo courtesy of Elite buildings and Independence Palace in Astana left without water Elite residential buildings and palaces of Astana were left without water because of a pipeline damage.
05 января 2012

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