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10.03.2016 14:45 Disasters
The United States urges governments to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions from the collapse of Iraq's Mosul dam.
04.03.2016 15:26 Environment
Conservation group Greenpeace warned that the environmental impact of the Fukushima nuclear crisis five years ago on nearby forests is just beginning to be seen.
23.02.2016 14:53 Health
French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that three decades of nuclear tests in French Polynesia had had "an impact" on health.
31.05.2015 01:12 Environment
Flood disaster in Kazakhstan has caused billions of tenge in damages and destruction.
27.04.2015 20:18 Disasters
Villagers from flood-hit areas in Kazakhstan ask for help and to assess damages to their homes. Emergency services are still working to counter the consequences of flooding and prevent additional ruin.
09.12.2014 23:52 Emergencies
The fire in an apartment building in Aktau in western Kazakhstan has destroyed the entire 6th floor.
19.07.2014 01:28 Disasters
Photos and video clips of the mudflow in Talgar District of Almaty Oblast have appeared YouTube and Instagram
08.04.2014 14:04 Environment
Aksu Ferrousalloy plant will face a fine of $620 thousand for causing environmental damage in Kazakhstan.
06.04.2014 15:22 Disasters
Report on the critical condition of the Kokpekti dam was filed 7 years ago.
27.02.2014 13:11 Companies
78 Kazakhstan travel agencies have requested the General Prosecutor's Office to assist them in claiming damages from Turkish companies over disrupted tours in 2013.
22.02.2014 17:06 Companies
Kazakhstan is compelled to bring Australian sick cows supplier through diplomatic channels.
17.01.2014 13:58 Environment
The international consortium developing in the giant Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan will be subject to emissions penalties.
27.12.2013 11:04 Environment
Ecologists have estimated the damage caused by the fire and spill at the railway crossing near Aktau city in western Kazakhstan.
04.12.2013 18:02 Environment
CNPC AktobeMunaiGas will have to pay 7.7 billion tenge ($50 million) for environmental violations in Kazakhstan.
26.11.2013 14:17 Finance
Kazakhstan has sent Russia a $90 million bill for the Proton-M carrier rocket crash at Baikonur in Kazakhstan.
25.11.2013 14:44 Emergencies
The train driver Berik Kulbarakov who suffered burns in the oil tanker explosion near Aktau has been transferred to the Burn Center in Astana.
22.11.2013 17:04 Emergencies
The authorities have made a statement on the magnitude of the explosion near Aktau: the petroleum spill has covered 3480 square meters.
19.11.2013 15:11 Emergencies
The sellers are sure that the flea market has been set on fire with incendiary compound.
18.11.2013 22:51 Politics
Kazakhstan has billed Russia for the Proton-M carrier rocket crash at Baikonur.
13.11.2013 12:22 Companies
An Ecuadoran court Tuesday upheld a ruling that US oil giant Chevron was liable for environmental damage in its Amazon basin region by sister company Texaco, but ordered it to pay a reduced $9.51 billion.
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