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VIDEO: Three new buildings cracked in Atyrau oblast 18 мая 2012, 15:26

The hospital of Makat village of Atyrau oblast built in 2011 looks like it has been bombarded.
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Photo courtesy of azh.kz Photo courtesy of azh.kz
The hospital in Makat village of Atyrau oblast built in 2011 looks like it has been bombarded. Huge cracks run on the walls of many of the hospital's rooms and the building looks as if it is going to break into pieces pretty soon, Ak Zhaiyk writes. According to the magazine, 1.7 billion tenge ($11.4 million) were spent from the oblast's budget for construction of the hospital and Expolins company was the general contractor. The official ceremony of opening of the new hospital on June 22 was participated by first deputy Akim (Governor) of the oblast Bolat Daukenov. Chief doctor of the hospital Batyrbek Ondassynov said that the walls cracked because “there is practically no foundation” under the building. According to him, many letters were sent to different authorities with requests to consider the emergency condition of the medical facility. No answers were received though. Two more buildings are in a similar condition: the boarding school of Dossor village (built in 2008, cost $3.2 million) and the school for 424 children in Makat village in Baigetobe region (built in 2010, cost $6 million). The condition of these almost new facilities is horrible, especially that of the school in Makat village. There are horizontal cracks on the walls, tiles on the stairs and in the corridor are crashed into pieces, strong wind torn off the plastic roof from the building entrance, there are drafts in the rooms because of incorrectly installed windows, the walls in 9 rooms gave in 3-4 cm and plastic entrance doors cannot be closed any more. Local authorities state that there is nothing to worry about. “Current condition of the hospital should not bring any worries and the cracks appeared because of incorrect plastering of the walls. We cannot say that these defects pose a serious threat to the whole building. Such things happen during construction quite frequently. Anyway the contractor will eliminate all these defects. The school in Beigetobe and the hospital will be repaired in summer. The repairs of the boarding school in Dossor are to be scheduled yet,” deputy head of the oblast construction department Ibragim Amirov said. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that a 5-storey residential building in Bessoba region in Karaganda collapsed in the morning of April 6. The emergency condition of the building also started with cracks that developed into the inadmissible deviation of the building's corners that reached 720 mm between April 1 and April 5.

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