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11.12.2012 17:31 Unrest
Egypt is bracing for rival protests in Cairo on Tuesday over a bitterly divisive referendum on a new constitution, prompting President Mohamed Morsi to order the army to help "preserve security".
10.12.2012 17:45 Politics
Egypt's main opposition parties were to meet late Sunday to decide whether to keep up street protests against President Mohamed Morsi after the Islamist leader made a key concession in the crisis dividing the nation.
09.12.2012 10:31 Politics
The streets of Cairo were calm early Saturday after a huge but peaceful protest overnight against President Mohamed Morsi, who has greatly expanded his powers and is pushing for disputed constitutional reform.
07.12.2012 17:29 Unrest
Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has defied calls to curb his sweeping powers or suspend proposed changes to the constitution.
06.12.2012 10:01 Politics
Hundreds of protesters woke up Wednesday in front of the presidential palace, the new focus of protests against President Mohamed Morsi, as an already-polarised Egypt slipped deeper into crisis.
05.12.2012 10:37 Unrest
Tens of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators encircled the presidential palace Tuesday after riot police failed to keep them at bay with tear gas, in a growing crisis over President Mohamed Morsi's decree widening his powers.
04.12.2012 12:54 Politics
Egypt's top judges began an open-ended strike on Monday as anger mounted over a power grab by President Mohamed Morsi and a new constitution drafted by an Islamist-leaning council.
30.11.2012 11:20 Unrest
A divisive panel boycotted by liberals and Christians was set Thursday to vote on a draft new Egyptian constitution, amid mounting protests over President Mohamed Morsi's assumption of sweeping powers.
25.10.2012 11:53 Politics
From legalizing pot and gay marriage to wiping outdated segregation laws off Alabama's state constitution, US voters have a lot more to decide next month than simply picking the next president.
04.10.2012 12:21 Politics
Cash-strapped Zimbabwe's electoral commission needs $104 million to organise a referendum on a new constitution that would pave way for a vote on a successor to the country's shaky coalition government.
30.08.2012 21:19 Politics
Kazakhstan should evolve alongside the changing world, he believes.
30.08.2012 21:05 Politics
According to him, Kazakhstan enjoys amicable relations with all other nations of the world.
30.08.2012 11:52 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan is celebrating the Constitution Day this Thursday, August 30.
25.08.2012 12:44 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan residents will have only one day off on August 30 to celebrate the Constitution Day.
04.07.2012 15:43 Politics
Libyans vote on Saturday for a constituent assembly, the first body elected since the ouster of dictator Moamer Kadhafi, tasked with steering the country through its critical transition.
30.03.2012 18:46 Laws, Initiatives
Igor Rogov has inquired about the possibility of adopting the practice on apprehension of suspected terrorists for over 72 hours without court sanctions in Kazakhstan.
24.01.2012 11:15 Industry, Infrastructure
Moinak hydro-electric power station is the largest energy project during Kazakhstan's Independence years.
19.01.2012 10:35 Politics
On January 15 the prosecutor’s office received 536 requests, 63 of them referred to violations at the elections to the parliament's Majilis, and 472 – at elections to Maslikhats.
06.01.2012 15:15 Unrest
There will be no voting at elections on January 15 in Zhanaozen: Constitutional Council.
30.08.2011 16:23 Military
Kazakhstan demonstrated its military power at the Constitution Day Parade.
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