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09.03.2016 19:00 Sport
China's Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao has become the world's most valuable football club.
10.08.2015 14:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has commissioned the Ice Palace in Astana that will become a home arena for Kazakhstan's Barys hockey club.
09.02.2015 14:55 People
Three young football players from Kazakhstan are now training in the French U.G.A. Lyon Decines youth football club.
26.09.2014 12:52 Finance
UEFA announced that it had opened probes for suspected breaches of financial fair play rules.
04.09.2014 01:33 Politics
The poster advertising a gay bar in Kazakhstan depicting a Kazakh composer and a Russian poet kissing has mostly angered the public in Kazakhstan. Now the Kazakh descendant of the composer claims 1mln tenge in damages from the poster creators.
21.06.2014 10:20 Music
Famous for its neon lights and wild nightlife, Tokyo's status as one of the world's clubbing capitals looks set to survive a potentially ruinous police crackdown on -- of all things -- dancing.
05.06.2014 17:41 Sport
E-commerce giant Alibaba said Thursday it will pay $192 million for a 50 percent stake in China's top football club, in a frenzy of deal-making before a multi-billion dollar share offer in the United States.
05.04.2014 18:58 Companies
Chinese tech giant Huawei has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Paris Saint-Germain, one of Europe's biggest football clubs, the French club announced Saturday.
15.01.2014 16:04 Education
A program launched globally on Tuesday set out to inspire children to present their big ideas for changing the world.
23.12.2013 11:30 Sport
Singaporean businessman Peter Lim has made a bid to take over financially stricken La Liga side Valencia and wipe out its debts, the club's president Amadeo Salvo announced on Sunday.
03.12.2013 12:34 Sport
Spanish financial regulators on Monday fined four football clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as a big television producer millions of euros for allegedly breaking the rules on the sale of television rights.
30.06.2013 09:59 Cinema, Music
US pop veteran Prince and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez are among the artists invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).
04.03.2013 12:36 Sport
Arsenal have had no contact over a potential takeover, sources told the Press Association on Sunday, amid reports of a looming record bid by a Gulf consortium.
25.01.2013 15:02 Sport
Real Madrid have become the first club in any sport to generate more than 500 million euros in revenue in a single year.
24.12.2012 18:59 Politics
Kazakhstan President’s professional sport club Astana has been presented in Astana.
19.07.2012 18:45 Sport
Young Kazakhstan football player Rauan Sariyev has become a player of Brazilian Botafogo club.
02.08.2011 13:45 Sport
The club has signed a 1-year contract with Eric Williams, 27.