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Young Kazakh football players train in French club 09 февраля 2015, 14:55

Three young football players from Kazakhstan are now training in the French U.G.A. Lyon Decines youth football club.
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Miras Bostanov. Photo courtesy of globaleventfoor.com. Miras Bostanov. Photo courtesy of globaleventfoor.com.

Three young football players from Kazakhstan are now training in the French U.G.A. Lyon Decines youth football club, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. They are Miras Bostanov and Said Emal from Almaty, and Dinmukhamed Rakhimberdiev from Taraz in southern Kazakhstan.

The three boys were recommended to the head of the French club Araik Adamyan by his friend Andronik Antonyan, who is a seniour coach at Almaty-based Lokomotiv-Junior youth football club, one of the best junior clubs in kazakhstan, where Miras and Said were training.

Young football players then travelled to France for tryouts in U.G.A. Lyon Decines and Olympik Lyon.

According to the head of the club, Miras has a good potential and is now training with boy who are 4-5 years older than him.

Miras started going in for football in 2010 when began his trainings at Lokomotiv-Junior in Almaty. He advanced into the lineup of the first team very fast. 

In 2013, he received an invitation for tryouts from the French youth club. After the tryouts the club decided to accept Miras. 

“He has a good potential. He is capable of being a great football player. Now he plays with 18-year old players, though he is not even 15. He is one of the leaders and bombardiers of the team. In the championship among the 15-year-olds, he scored eight goals and made five passes. Our club is very famous in Lyon, since its president is Youri Djorkaeff. We hope that Miras will become a professional football player, " Araik Adamyan said about Miras to Vesti.kz. For now, the team's coaches and the head of the club have high hopes for Miras.

Said Emal and Dinmukhamed Rakhimberdiev also received an opportunity to stay in U.G.A. Lyon Decines club.

In April, Said may travel to the United Kingdom for joint trainings with Manchester United and Manchester City.

Dinmukhamed Rakhimberdiev, who trains in Montazhnik football club in Taraz, will also attend a French school and take French language classes. He may also accompany Said on the trip to the UK.

The French club regularly holds joint trainings with many famous European clubs, therefore boys, who are training in the club, have ample opportunities to gain experience.

By Assel Satubaldina

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