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21.07.2015 19:23 Industry, Infrastructure
Turksib and Bostandyk Districts of Almaty city in southern Kazakhstan are going to have more pedestrian areas.
27.04.2015 16:49 Politics
Two experts explained high voter turnout in the Kazakh presidential election and the choice made by the people of Kazakhstan.
22.04.2015 19:10 Politics
Chairman of the National Commission for Control over Elections Nurlan Yerimbetov urged Kazakhstanis to take an active part in the upcoming elections in Kazakhstan on April 26.
06.10.2014 17:43 Sport
Kazakhstani tennis player Sesil Karatantcheva who is now capped for Kazakhstan has decided to return her Bulgarian citizenship.
07.09.2014 12:37 People
Students from Kazakhstan made an experiment to study public reaction: they acted out a scene of a guy beating a girl in broad daylight.
27.05.2014 11:16 Emergencies
Mexico's government presented on Monday 125 new homes to residents of a southwestern mountain village that was buried by a massive landslide that killed 71 people last year.
12.05.2014 00:53 Environment
"The sun could be yours," the Spanish government promised in 2007, encouraging citizens to invest in solar power. Many who did now wish they could give it back.
04.05.2014 11:00 Internet
Saudi citizens can now petition 90-year-old King Abdullah directly and lodge complaints through an Internet site set up at the initiative of the monarch himself.
17.12.2013 17:38 Politics
Lawmaker Svetlana Dzhalmagambetova believes that the effective minimum food basket will starve Kazakhstanis to death.
07.12.2013 10:56 Unrest
North Korea said Saturday it has deported an American veteran of the Korean War who had been detained there since October for what Pyongyang described as "hostile acts" against the communist country.
21.02.2013 11:58 Crime
We have to know who lives in our city, who comes here and for what purpose: Almaty Akim Yessimov.
29.01.2013 13:09 Laws, Initiatives
Tallinn is the first EU capital to offer its residents free public transport, and though the move aimed at driving down car pollution is proving popular, visitors feel let down and others are accusing City Hall of a campaign gimmick.
27.01.2013 12:17 Politics
Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia have all urged their citizens to leave the Libyan city of Benghazi due to a "specific, imminent threat to Westerners", linked to French action in Mali.
10.08.2012 17:15 Health
Almaty Civil Registration officials will instruct couples to arrange a visit family-planing centers before getting married.
23.07.2012 15:46 Disasters
A wildfire whipped up by strong winds in northeast Spain has left three people dead and more than 20 injured, closing roads and trapping thousands of residents indoors.
02.07.2012 12:44 Crime
Three of the most "popular" charges include Fraud (16 cases), Organized Crime (10 cases) and Threat to Life and Health (5 cases).
08.11.2011 18:35 Strange News
Rafida Ivanenko, who earlier have been living in Kazakhstan won $2 000 000 in an American online lottery.
01.09.2011 15:03 Strange News
Visitors of the government blog asked Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov to prevent Kazakhstan residents from marrying foreigners.