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Almaty citizens recommended to undergo medical examination before marriage 10 августа 2012, 17:15

Almaty Civil Registration officials will instruct couples to arrange a visit family-planing centers before getting married.
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Almaty city authorities are considering making medical examination a must for the couples planning to marry. Civil Registration Officer might start refusing registration of marriage to the couples unless they undergo a medical examination, Tengrinews.kzLiter.kz. “This is just a bold plan yet. However, we strongly recommend Almaty citizens to make an appointment with a family planing doctor. This would help prevent a lot of disappointments and reduce the number of tragic cases when unhealthy children are born,” the newspaper writes. “According to the statistics data, four newborn children out of ten in Almaty have serious health problems. Our city is the leader of the tragic list with the highest infant mortality rate. Congenital defects are usually the main cause of infant mortality. Prenatal deaths should also be mentioned. We have already lost 300 unborn children since the beginning of the year and many of them were almost full-term. Sadly, we are working with those women who are already pregnant and sometimes it is too late to try and correct things,” Roza Kuanyshbekova, Almaty Healthcare Department head said. According to the Ministry’s of Healthcare, 40% of teenage girls have poor reproductive health and 16% of Kazakhstan married couples are infertile. Almaty medical personnel have approached the city’s administration of Civil Registration Offices asking for some support. The city’s officials will be recommending the couples who are going to get married to arrange a visit to family-planning centers. The City’s Civil Registration officials already recommended this to two hundred couples during the past week; however, only six couples visited the centers. Meanwhile, the number of divorces keeps growing in the country. 2648 couples have divorced since the beginning of 2012. Incompatibility of tempers, absence of a common child and serious diseases of children are the most common causes for the break ups. The parents are usually unprepared to bring up a child with a serious disease.

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