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How Kazakhstanis react to beating of a girl? 07 сентября 2014, 12:37

Students from Kazakhstan made an experiment to study public reaction: they acted out a scene of a guy beating a girl in broad daylight.
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Still of the video ©youtube.com Still of the video ©youtube.com

Students from Uralsk, a city in western Kazakhstan, have decided to study public reaction and find out how much the city residents’ care for others. They tested how passersby reacted to a guy beating a girl.

In broad daylight, students Askhat Murzakhmetov and Sultan Yergaliyev acted out the scene in several spots throughout the city. The whole process was filmed with a hidden camera.

"Most of the people just passed by. They were indifferent to the fate of the girl. We failed to prove that residents of Uralsk were courageous. But I hope that our video will make them understand what it right," Askhat said to the local newspaper Uralsk Week.

In their previous experiment, the students staged another "test of kind-heartedness." According to the scenario, a young man was stealing a wallet from a disabled boy right in front of the passersby. The students said that a majority of the witnesses of this "crime" did not stop the "pickpocket." Only a few of the people had stopped to help. And it was worth noting that the building on the background in that video houses an educational institution and the City Court.

Askhat and Sultan promised continuing their experiments and keep posting the videos on their Youtube channel.

The two students were inspired to attempt the social experiments by a Russian informal community of St. Petersburg called "Rakamakafo Pranks", which is gaining popularity on the web for their experiments checking people’s honesty, integrity and readiness to help in Russia.

By Dinara Urazova


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