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04.07.2016 14:04 Science, Technologies
At $100,000 a head, the puppies in western Seoul don't come cheap -- but at least their owners know exactly what they are getting.
24.03.2016 16:35 Environment
A Kazakhstani site has been added to the UNESCO list of protected biosphere nature reserves.
27.01.2016 15:54 Science, Technologies
It is not only animals that rely on physical cues to gauge the fertility of potential rivals for a mate.
09.02.2015 14:10 Science, Technologies
Kazakh researchers from Almaty-based Kazakh National Technical University have developed bio pellets that facilitate growth of livestock.
08.12.2014 14:52 Environment
Przewalski's horses will be brought from the Nuremberg Zoo to Kazakhstan in Spring 2016.
27.11.2014 13:06 Science, Technologies
DNA molecules attached to the outside of a rocket may be able survive a trip to suborbital space and back into the Earth's atmosphere at extremely high temperatures.
29.09.2014 20:39 Industry, Infrastructure
An entrepreneur from Akmola Oblast Adil Galimov has bred large sturgeons in artificial ponds from Astana.
28.08.2014 13:15 Science, Technologies
Biologists said the genetic machinery of humans, fruit flies and roundworms was similar in many ways, a discovery that could help basic research.
10.08.2014 12:46 Environment
An enormous flock of cormorants has occupied uninhabited islands on the Irtysh river right near the bridge in Semey, Kazakhstan.
30.05.2014 03:29 Science, Technologies
A microscopic marine creature believed to have been extinct for four million years has been found alive and well in New Zealand waters, researchers said.
30.01.2014 18:50 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani plant-breeders have produced a new type of vitamin intensive potatoes that can be red, blue or even purple depending on the breed.
30.03.2013 14:19 Environment
French and South African biologists will dive to deep-sea caves in the Indian Ocean next month in a bid to locate the coelacanth, the "living fossil" fish whose history predates the dinosaurs.
21.12.2012 10:05 Science, Technologies
Biologists say the human hand is a wonder of evolution, providing dexterity that lets our species perform activities as diverse as bricklaying, writing, ice hockey and brain surgery.
10.11.2012 14:37 Strange News
Charles Darwin earned more than 4,000 votes in a US congressional race from voters protesting the unopposed candidacy of an ardent creationist.
29.09.2011 12:04 Strange News
"Crocochicken" was bred by Kazakhstan resident Arkhat Abzhanov, head of Harvard genetics laboratory.
20.04.2011 19:06 Entertainment, Style
A group of horticulturists lead by biologist Yelizaveta Aivazi are working on a new rose cultivar Astana based on Japanese Suntory's blue rose.