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Kazakhstan geneticist bred embryo of chicken with crocodile's head 29 сентября 2011, 12:04

"Crocochicken" was bred by Kazakhstan resident Arkhat Abzhanov, head of Harvard genetics laboratory.
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Genetics scientists. ©REUTERS/Jo Yong hak Genetics scientists. ©REUTERS/Jo Yong hak
Kazakhstan resident Arkhat Abzhanov, head of Harvard genetics laboratory, bred an embryo of chicken with crocodile's head, MK in Kazakhstan writes. Initially personnel of the genetics laboratory compared development of embryos in birds and crocodile eggs, then they decided to go further and interbreed them. “Crocochicken” will stay an embryo, the scientists did not let it hatch for ethical reasons. The researchers say that the main goal of the experiment was to research genetical processes that occured during the evolution bringing birds to the Earth. “Modern birds are very different from their ancestors, dinosaurs, they have new features like nibs without teeth and wings. At the same time there are many features that make them close to dinasaurs, for example, feathers that evolved long before birds actually appeared,” Abzhanov said. Kazakhstan researcher studied biology in Al-Farabi Kazakhstan National University. In 2000 he moved to Harvard, where he had been working in Boston medical school for a few years and managed to open his own laboratory. “The United States is the world center for modern molecular biology and genetics. A majority of biology researches are held in the U.S. That it why there was a point for me, being a biologist, when I moved to the U.S.,” Abzhanov said.

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