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Kazakh-flag-color roses coming soon 20 апреля 2011, 19:06

A group of horticulturists lead by biologist Yelizaveta Aivazi are working on a new rose cultivar Astana based on Japanese Suntory's blue rose.
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Photo courtesy of drom.ru Photo courtesy of drom.ru
A group of horticulturists lead by Astana-based biologist Yelizaveta Aivazi are working on a new blue-and-yellow rose cultivar called Astana. The color of the rose will match the colors of Kazakhstan national flag, Express-K reports. According to the biologist their work is in the selection stage now. “Earlier we tried to produce a hybrid. We pollinated genetically modified Japanese blue rose with bright yellow peniophora. Recently we managed to get the first flower, it looked like Kazakhstan flag,” said Aivazi. Unfortunately, the flower was very capricious and withered quickly. Now the horticulturists are trying to make the base cultivar more durable. Later the biologists will add a yellow inflorescence to the blue Japanese rose to copy the national flag. The blue rose was genetically modified by Japanese Suntory corporation. The Kazakhstani horticulturists paid $1,500 for the blue rose seeds. The blue roses are very expensive all over the world. One blue rose costs up to $50.

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