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Shymkent Zoo is baby-booming 22 июня 2012, 10:59

Lama, pony and two deers were born during the past week in Shymkent Zoo with five more deers to be delivered in the nearest future.
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Baby deers. ©REUTERS Baby deers. ©REUTERS
Lama, pony and two deers were born in Shymkent Zoo during the past week, Tengrinews.kz reports. The doe was delivering baby-deers for two whole days. At first only one fawn was born, and his twin brother came only a day later. The newborns weighted 3.5 kilograms each. A newborn fallow dear has made her first steps. Her name is Darya. The zoo have acquired a milch goat especially for her and now she is fed the milk five times a day. The Zoo's employees say that they also have newborn ponies at the Zoo. Five more newborn deers are expected to be delivered in a day or two in the Zoo. Zoo keepers are awaiting for new babies in reptile and bird houses as well. The say that eggs of pheasants, ducks and peacocks are in the hatcher now. Three bears – one female and two males - were born in Shymkent Zoo in April this year.

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