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26.02.2014 11:43 Sport
Kazakhstan bandy team is the fifth time bronze medalist of the World Championship.
12.02.2013 19:22 Sport
The national bandy team of Kazakhstan became the bronze winner of the World Championship for the second time in a row.
31.01.2013 18:47 Sport
Kazakhstan national bandy team is ranked third overall thanks to its victory over Finland and Norway.
28.02.2012 17:16 Sport
International Bandy Federation gave a high priaise to Almaty World Championship organization level.
07.02.2012 14:25 Sport
Kazakhstan national bandy team won the bronze medal in the World Bandy Championship that was held in Almaty.
03.02.2012 17:13 Sport
Chief coach of Finland’s bandy team Tommy Osterberg said that Kazakhstan is able to reach the finals in the World Bandy Championship.
03.02.2012 17:01 Sport
Kazakhstan bandy team has defeated Finland in the group stage of the World Championship that is being held in Almaty.
02.02.2012 23:19 Sport
Kazakhstan bandy team lost to Russia 6:8 in World Bandy Championship in Almaty.
02.02.2012 23:18 Sport
Kazakhstan national bandy team has lost its first match in World Bandy Championship.
31.01.2012 15:49 Sport
Kazakhstan national team has secured the second big victory in Almaty World Bandy Championship.
30.01.2012 12:27 Sport
Kazakhstan national bandy team crushed Norway in the World Bandy Championship. Te match against the U.S. takes place today.
09.01.2012 18:21 Sport
Kazakhstan national team will meet with Norway team in the first match of Bandy World Championship that will start in Almaty on January 29.
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