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Bandy: Kazakhstan team secures its second victory at World Championship 31 января 2013, 18:47

Kazakhstan national bandy team is ranked third overall thanks to its victory over Finland and Norway.
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Photo courtesy of bandynet.ru Photo courtesy of bandynet.ru
Kazakhstan national bandy team has won over Finland’s team at the Bandy World Championship that is being held in Vanersborg, Sweden, Vesti.kz reports. Both teams had one victory and two losses each before this match. Earlier the Kazakhstan team won a match against Norway and lost to Sweden and Russia. Before the match Kazakhstan was ranked 4th overall and Finland was ranked third by goal difference. The match ended with the score of 8:4 in favor of the Kazakhstan’s team. Kazakhstan's Leonid Bedarev opened the score for Kazakhstan, but the Finns immediately evened the score in the beginning of the match. Alexander Nassonov and Vyacheslav Bronnikov brought Kazakhstan ahead again. Then the teams exchanged more goals before the break and Kazakhstan was in the lead 5:3. Mikki Lukkarila hit Kazakhstan's gates in response to Bronnikov’s goal in the second half and the score became 6:4. Nassonov and Bedarev then brought Kazakhstan to the third line in the general standings by landing two more goals into the opponent's gates and making the score 8:4. Bronnikov became the third most effective player of the Championship after the match. Only Patrick Nilsson (Sweden) and Yevgeny Ivanushkin (Russia) are ahead of him. Kazakhstan team will play against Belarus team in the final round of the group stage.

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