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US tobacco giant Reynolds bans smoking in its offices The second largest tobacco producer in the United States, Reynolds American said it will ban smoking in all indoor office spaces, bowing to smoke-free social norms.
24 октября 2014
Hungary FM to meet a top US diplomat amid visa ban row Hungarian Foreign Ministe will meet a top American top diplomat , only days after visa bans were slapped on several Hungarian officials accused of corruption.
21 октября 2014
Hungary bans US far-right group's 'racist' conference Hungary banned a conference of the US-based white supremacist National Policy Institute (NPI) set for this weekend, calling the organisation "racist".
30 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Luke MacGregor Turkey bans tattoos, piercings in schools Turkey's Islamic-rooted government has banned pupils from wearing tattoos or body piercings in schools.
29 сентября 2014
©Tengrinews file photo Central bank cleans the house in Kazakhstan’s banking sector Kazakhstan National Bank has introduced a new ban prohibiting Kazakh banks from keeping over 30% of their funds abroad, but offered them tenge rate stability and cheap funding at the same time.
17 сентября 2014
"Homosexualism, a threat to the nation" the poster says. Kazakhstan looks to ban gay 'propaganda' and identify gays by searching for degeneratism in their DNA Kazakhstan activists urged the Kazakh Parliament to ban gay propaganda and prohibit the people known to be gay from holding public offices and serving in the army.
13 сентября 2014
©RIA News Baltics most vulnerable to Russia food sanctions: EBRD Lithuania and fellow Baltic states Estonia and Latvia are the countries most vulnerable to a Russian block on EU food exports.
11 сентября 2014
Bangladesh bans English titles for local movies Authorities in Bangladesh have banned local film-makers from giving their movies English titles.
03 сентября 2014
©RIA News Russian food sanctions spur price rises: data Russian authorities have leaned on shops to keep prices steady but data released showed inflation pricking up on goods.
28 августа 2014
NY councilman wants ban on kid toys in high-calorie meals A New York city councilman wants to ban toys in fast-food restaurant kid meals that do not meet strict dietary guidelines.
22 августа 2014
Indian state of Kerala announces alcohol ban Authorities in Kerala have announced a ban on alcohol to tackle a growing abuse problem in the southern Indian state.
22 августа 2014
Calls to ban new Indira Gandhi assassination film A controversial film on the assassination of Indira Gandhi was scheduled for release on Friday amid calls for it to be banned.
21 августа 2014
US Supreme Court blocks same-sex marriages in Virginia The Supreme Court put a hold on gay marriages in Virginia, as it weighs whether to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States.
21 августа 2014
EU 'shot itself in foot' with Russia trade sanctions: Hungary PM The EU "shot itself in the foot" by imposing trade sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict.
16 августа 2014
©Reuters France asks EU for help with fallout from Russia food ban France has asked the European Commission to take "appropriate" measures to deal with the fallout from a Russian ban on food imports.
09 августа 2014
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakhstan sees opportunity as Putin bans Western food import Kazakhstan is eyeing the newly created niche in the Russia market that was previously occupied by now banned importers of food from the countries supporting anti-Russian sanctions.
08 августа 2014
©Reuters/Yuya Shino Apple never on China government procurement list: report Apple's devices have never appeared on a Chinese list of products eligible to be bought with public money.
08 августа 2014
Russia food embargo creates golden opportunity for Brazil Brazilian meat exporters said that Moscow's ban on food imports provide a golden opportunity to sell more of their products to Russia.
08 августа 2014
RAJPOJ company, near Grojec  packing apples after Moscow's ban on fruit imports from Poland. ©Reuters Faced with Western sanctions, Moscow resorts to food fight As Western countries launch new sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has returned fire with bans on food imports.
06 августа 2014
Graham Phillips. Photo courtesy of UK journalist for Russian TV says Ukraine deported him A British reporter for Russia's RT television in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine said on Saturday that Kiev had deported and banned him from the country for three years.
26 июля 2014

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