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12.11.2015 19:06 Politics
Kazakhstan plans to cooperate with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in defense and space industries.
26.08.2015 20:50 Military
Kazakhstan and Belarus along with other CIS countries have expressed interested in purchasing Russian air drone Eleron.
08.09.2014 14:03 Laws, Initiatives
Russia will retaliate against a new round of Western sanctions over Ukraine and may block flights through its airspace.
01.08.2014 18:31 Companies
Russian aviation authorities have issued a permit to Kazakhstan’s Air Astana airlines to fly to Kiev bypassing the Ukrainian battle zones.
28.07.2014 18:32 Politics
The Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan has made a statement about the tragic crash of the Malaysian Arilines MH17 flight that claimed lives of 298 people.
25.07.2014 18:28 Unrest
Around 50 Kazakhstani tourists cannot leave Israel after a Palestinian missile hit the area near the Tel Aviv Airport.
23.07.2014 11:50 Disasters
Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane may have been shot down by mistake by pro-Russian militants, said a U.S Intelligence official.
19.07.2014 00:15 Companies
Kazakhstani airlines company Air Astana will change the routes of some of its flights away from Ukrainian airspace.
07.06.2014 14:03 Markets
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan has responded to complaints about costliness of domestic flights air tickets.
29.04.2014 01:26 Military
The Lower Chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliament has approved ratification of the Kazakhstan-Russia Joint Air Defense Agreement.
16.07.2013 18:19 Politics
Spain Monday voiced regret at its diplomatic row with Bolivia, sparked when President Evo Morales' plane was blocked from Spanish airspace over suspicions US fugitive Edward Snowden was on the jet.
14.12.2012 10:21 Politics
Japan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after one Chinese state-owned aeroplane entered airspace over islands at the centre of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing.
15.10.2012 16:42 Unrest
Turkey has banned Syrian flights from its airspace in a tit-for-tat move, while Iran handed a "detailed proposal" to UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi aimed at ending the conflict between the Syria's army and rebels.